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Morrissey live in Manila May 20, 2012

I know it’s over, still I cling…

Sure, I wrote down “See Morrissey live” in my bucket list but to be quite honest, it was one of those things that I doubt would ever happen.  Last sunday, May 13, I got to cross that off the list.  It really was a dream come true.  The best concert I’ve ever been to…and dare I say it, the best concert I’ll ever see.  I’m sure that those of us who love Morrissey do so for various reasons.  Many of us have waited years for this moment.  Truly, the man did not disappoint.  There have been many articles recently in the local papers written by fellow fans sharing their experience of that day.  And I, like them, would like to say the same thing: Thank you, Morrissey.  Thank you for being you and thank you for your songs.  They make me feel so loved.

What goes through your mind when you hear an audience sing along to the darker stuff?

Morrissey: I’m absolutely electrified. Because I live alone with those songs, and they came from the absolute edge of the emotional cliff. When a crowd sings something that really means something…for me it’s stirring. Well, it’s not stirring, no. There are no words. It’s just getting it out. And even if it’s only just for that moment when you’re in the audience on that night, you’re not alone. (2004)

If you’d like to see some beautiful photos from the concert, you can visit , , and the Morrissey live in Manila facebook page.


Birthday Bonanza in Bangkok – Day 3 & 4 April 6, 2012

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Day 3: We had to be up and ready by 7am for our activities on this day.  We had made prior arrangements with Lok the day before to take a whole day tour which would include: an elephant ride, a trip to the floating market, lunch and then an elephant show and a visit to a crocodile sanctuary.

We couldn’t really figure out why we had to be up early for the tour.  Turns out, seeing the above places meant traveling outside of Bangkok for an hour or so.  First on the agenda was The Elephant Village.  Elephant rides here cost about 500-600 THB per person and can last for about 20-30 minutes..depending on your elephant.  The one we rode was named Laikini (I might have gotten it wrong), she’s 20 years old and kept stopping to eat and drink.  The man guiding us said that she was already 1 year and 3 months pregnant.  (elephants carry their babies for about 2 years)

We asked if she was the oldest in their care.  He said no and pointed to the one in front of us who was already 40 years of age!

I admit that I was scared for the most part even if the pacing was slow.  Whenever the elephant would bend down to drink or pick grass, your position tilts awkwardly and I was afraid of falling off.  I grabbed onto Ava’s arms so tight until she finally had to say, “Can you let go for a short while?  I can’t use my arm to take pictures haha”.

At the end of the ride you can have a moment with the elephants for some picture taking or in our case, our guide handed us some bananas and sugar canes to feed them with.

After that it was a quick 10 minute ride to the Damnoensaduak Floating Market.  Riding the paddled boat to shop around will cost about 150 THB per person.  We passed on this one since our tour included a motor boat ride that would take us around the surrounding areas.  We just stayed near the docking area to look at the goods being sold and of course to try out some hot noodle soup!

The soup (about 25 THB) is given to you without any spices.  Once you sit down in one of the nearby small tables, you get to have a go at how you want it to taste by mixing different sauces and chillis and then…dig in!

Our tour guide treated us to this one.  In the Philippines, this would be similar to Maja Blanca–it has a pudding like texture of coconuts, milk and bits of corn kernels and then slightly fried.

We were dropped off by the motorboat to a sort of floating mini resort where the rooms or huts are elevated on top of the water.  A short walk takes you to the King Cobra Show.  Even if we didn’t see it, there was a temple beside it so it was still a good chance to take some more photos.

Meet friendly tour guide No. 2–Ms. Bangkok.  We don’t know her real name…that’s just how she introduced herself.

It was time for lunch and here was pad thai no. 2 of the trip.  To me it tasted better than the first.  Our meal consisted of tom yum  soup, pad thai, steamed veggies and I think the other one was fish cakes.

Afterwards, it was another long drive to the Samphran Elephant Ground Zoo.  The show starts off with a magic show, which I actually enjoyed.  The elephant show chronicles the history and shows the importance and high esteem that the Thai people put on these majestic creatures starting from the early years of Siam.  We also learned that all elephants are considered property of the King.

Beside this area is where the crocodiles are.  Some of them you’ll find just underneath the wooden bridge, with their mouths open….*shivers*

Some of the elephants from the show are placed inside these small pens just after the crocodile area.  It’s a good place to interact with them.

Near the exit, you can have a picture taken with these tigers for 100 THB.  They sure look calm and relaxed but I didn’t want to take the chance.

That was the end of our tour and we were all back in the van dropping everyone off at their respective hotels.  Before heading back to ours, we stopped by again at the Platinum Mall for some last minute shopping for gifts to take home and also to get some dinner.  Here is pad thai no. 3  (about 30 THB) from one of the food stalls on our street.  This gets my vote for the best pad thai of our trip!

Day 4:  All too soon, the Bangkok adventure reaches it’s final day.  We packed our stuff and headed to the main building to check out and wait for our ride back to the airport.

Flying home was a bit bumpy and it took a while before lunch was served.

Hello again, Manila!

We had a wonderful time in Bangkok.  Lots of fun memories we’ll surely treasure for a long time.  I’m glad we celebrated my birthday there.  Even though there are a lot of other countries we’d like to see and visit, Thailand has already earned itself another “must return” vote from us.

Kob khun ka, Thailand!


Me?! Maid of Honor?! January 24, 2011

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Who, me?

I’ve just been told, exactly 39 minutes ago (as of this writing), that my friend has chosen me to be her Maid of Honor for her upcoming April wedding.

My immediate reaction was, “Huh?! Me, your maid of honor?!” When she first told me a few weeks back that she was getting married and that I’d be a part of her entourage I thought, “Ok, bridesmaid…sponsor…cool!”  But now that I”m officially maid of honor…wow!  That’s a whole new level for me….this is a first!

I was so touched that she thought of me.  I mean, I’ve never been “honorable anything” ever so for someone to say that they’d like me to have a special role in her special day, it really does give you a heartwarming feeling…and then afterwards I felt nervous…and panicky…and I told myself to go on a diet…and I wanted to throw up…haha.  All the worries and concerns and responsibilities are starting to flood in.  I’m so excited!

To my “kapatid” and dear friend…thank you so much for letting me be a part of your life..and a part of your family’s life.  I’m so happy for you.  It’s going to be a kick ass wedding…and your rocker friend will be kick ass maid of honor!


New Year Surprise January 7, 2011

Jan. 03, 2011. This day marks my first day back to work after the 2 week Holiday Break. And this story is somewhat of a continuation of “Pleasant Surprises” involving Z & M.

I was in the process of cleaning up my desk when M arrived around 9am.  She approached my desk and asked me, “Anong gusto mo, boy or girl?” (What would you like, boy or girl?).  It was obvious she was going to give me something and whatever that is depends upon my answer. I said, “Boy..?” (I was unsure if I chose correctly) and she opened her bag and took out this little plastic pack and I could already see what it was..2 dwejji tokkis! Here’s a little explanation–I love the Korean drama He’s Beautiful and part of the story revolves around this stuffed animal called “pig-rabbit”–it’s a rabbit (tokki) with a pig’s (dwejji) nose hence the term “pig rabbit”.  So she pulls two of them out of her bag and hands me over the boy version..but the girl version had the ribbon/pin on her ears (the hair pin also plays a part in the story) so I requested for the exchange.  She laughed but obliged me just the same…so now I have my own little pig rabbit knick knack! (you can actually hang it on your phone but I tacked mine on my work cubicle so that I can see it everyday).

A few minutes later Z drops by my desk and hands over a nicely wrapped cd.  That moment right there made me smile and very happy because if you’d asked me a year ago if I ever thought I’d have friends at work, I would’ve said no. But now here i am, being given gifts by 2 people who I can share my addiction to kpop with…and they’re really, really nice people.  So anyway, I checked out the cd and it was a copy of Z’s favorite drama “Sungkyungkwan Scandal”..I told her I already have a copy but I’ll make sure I’ll watch her copy instead of mine.  I’m really very touched and thankful for the little tokens that I’ve received.  They really made my day.

Jan. 04, 2011.  Tuesday.  Fangirling fun continues.  Z asks me, “Do you know where the nearest Metrobank is?”  I laughed out loud because I knew exactly why she asked me that.  Metrobank is the official bank of — a place where happy campers like us can order merchandise straight from Korea and Japan!  I know because the day before I was going through their products and putting stuff in my online shopping cart!  The fact that she was buying some stuff only made my resolve stronger…I was going to buy me some Kpop goodies as well!  M happened to pass by and I offered if she’d like to join in.  It didn’t take a rocket scientist to guess that she immediately said yes as well.  Before the lunchbreak was over, we already paid for our stuff.  Goodbye cash and hello dvds & cds!

Aigoo…so hard being a fangirl.


Fangirl Day!

Last Dec. 29, I went to my first ever Kpop convention.  I think this is the second or third time (?) it’s being held in Manila but I wasn’t able to attend the previous ones.  I was really excited to go because as big as this hallyu wave may seem, there’s really not much merchandise that you can easily get here and that’s what I was really looking forward too.

I went with my sister and my friend Ava–who confirmed her attendance with me more than a month in advance and who also came despite being slightly sick….awwww, kamsahamnida!  And once we arrived we met up with my friend from work Mere–a huge Big Bang fan.  I must say that I do admire her influencing skills because I’ve already started listening and becoming a fan of Big Bang as well!  (But the dillema still remains: GD or Top???)

There was already a line snaking around the entrance of the Megatrade Hall when we got there and an excited mood in the air.  As soon as we entered, our sense of sight & hearing were assaulted–to the right is the stage where they were holding dance presentations and to the left are the many tables selling Kpop goodies.  Everyone kept floating in and out of the many booths.  They were selling cds (regular and special editions), dvds (concerts & live performances plus special boxed sets), tshirts, hats, pins, magazines, banners, ID tags/necklaces, bracelets, photo books, posters, calendars and every possible and imaginable knick knack to delight any and every fangirl–whatever her budget maybe.  You name it, they probably had it there…no wait, cross that thought.  There wasn’t really any drama dvds being sold which I found quite disappointing because that’s what I really wanted.

Me, Mere and Ava...with Dara and Taeyang behind us!

Tickets for Super Show 3? Check!

My sister and Ava

Of course we couldn't leave without having our photo taken with Lee Min Ho

Anyway, here’s a look at the goodies that I bought.

You're Beautiful OST, BigBang's BigShow concert dvd (the poster came with it), Taeyang's Solar album, a Super Junior Donghae fan, a Jang Geun Suk pad (Ava tells me firmly: Buy it na!) and the hats are courtesy of my sister.

My friend Mere on the other hand got herself some Big Bang stuff like Taeyang’s special boxed edition of Solar (with free shirt to boot!), 2 ID necklaces (1 is for safekeeping and the other is to be used for work haha) and the one item I wish they had another copy of is Big Bang’s 2011 Calendar.


The dance competitions were going on as we made our way around the tables.  We weren’t able to check it out but from across the hall I did hear Ukiss’ “Be Quiet” being performed and receiving a lot of screams.

After taking some more photos and making several rounds among the booths, it was time to leave.  Mere had to report for her half day duty at work while the rest of us were off to a late lunch.  Much love and thanks to the organizers, KFest Manila Events Management, the folks at the concession stands and the many fan groups/clubs that participated.  You’ve made me and my friends a bunch of happy fangirls that day.  We’ll be looking forward to the next one.



Jack Vettriano January 5, 2011

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One of the things that I really enjoy buying at the end of each year is a calendar. I usually buy 2–a wall calendar and a journal type one. I normally get them at Fully Booked or Powerbooks because these two places don’t just sell the generic kind but rather they also have the prettier & fancier ones which are imported abroad.

This year’s journal (from Fully Booked) I absolutely love!  It’s a journal published by teNeuse and it features the gorgeous artworks of Jack Vettriano.  “Who?” you might ask.  Well, I pretty much said the same thing when I first picked up the journal.  I flipped through it’s pages and…I was floored!

Title: Right Time, Right Place by Jack Vettriano

According to the short biography written at the beginning of the journal:

“Born in Fife in 1951, Jack Vettriano has emerged from the unlikely background of an early working life in the Scottish coal-fields to become one of Britain’s best known contemporary artists; he is entirely self taught. His work first came to public prominence at the Royal Scottish Academy open exhibition in 1988. Since then there have been sell out exhibitions in Edinburgh, London, Hong Kong, Johannesburg and New York.
Vettriano’s images are a gateway to an alluring yet sinister world; a timeless place where past and present intertwine. It is a world heavy on atmosphere evoking the great noir movies and novels of our time; the drama of men and women is played out in each canvas against a backdrop of bars and clubs, seaside and racetracks, ballrooms and bedrooms. Vettriano sets the scene and invites the viewer to develop the narrative. 
Jack Vettriano has studios in Scotland and in London.”
I’m no art critic but I really do love the darkness of his art.  Even if there’s only one figure or person there (I love the the solo women portraits), you know that there’s still a story behind it.  And the best part is that you do get the feeling of creating your own story.
Here are some of the paintings which I loved:

I know I chose mostly the female portraits.  I find them very seductive, alluring and mysterious.  Absolutely beautiful!  I’d really love it if I could have one of these hanging on my bedroom wall but I know there’s probably no chance in hell that I would be able to afford it haha!
But for now I have my journal to enjoy.  If you would like to know more about Jack Vettriano, check out his website at and if you’d like to check out more awesome calendars and journals, go to
photos credited to the artist and the publishing company


Pleasant Surprises December 28, 2010

I think it’s safe to say that being a shy person does not help my desire to accumulate more friends.  A close friend of mine (yes you, Kapatid!) even jokes around and says that I’m not shy…just anti-social.  Haha..I’m not of course, but just when I’m about to surrender to the idea that I might just be one, the Universe throws some very pleasant surprises my way.  These pleasant surprises are in the form of new friends…friends who from the first/early encounters make you feel so comfortable and so welcome that it feels like you’ve known each other for a long time (well, for me anyway).  I would like to take this opportunity now to give a shout out to them.

1)  “Z” – She’s someone who’s only been with the company for a few months.  I’ve never even had a conversation with her.  Now last week, as I passed by her desk, I noticed a cute photo of 2 guys as her desktop wallpaper. I didn’t know who they were but I immediately assumed they had something to do with Kpop since I was told she enjoyed listening to it.  I was still curious as to who the guys were.  On the last day of work before the holiday break we happened to enter the building at the same time and after she said hi I figured it was a good time to ask her my question…and so I did.  She laughed and told me they were her 2 favorite members of TVXQ/DBSK–one of the most popular Korean boybands.  I swear I heard angels singing hallelujah in my head and all I could think of was, “Yey! Another fellow Kpop/Kdrama addict like me!”  And when we both got up to our floor, and after a few minutes of settling down on our desks, we coincidentally met each other in the pantry…and spent about 45 minutes (work? what work?) just releasing the inner fangirl in us!  It was awesome!  Not bad for a first conversation huh?

Still can’t decide who my favorite member is..

2) “M” – I’ve been sharing & swapping stories/emails/pictures/music with her for a few months now.  Our common denominator in the beginning? The one who brought us together? Jang Geun Suk.  She’s even shared with me her other love, Big Bang–and her influence has pretty much rubbed off on me  because after Super Junior, Big Bang is the only other boyband I can name you all the members of.  Oh I really enjoy it whenever she drops by my cubicle to share her Big Bang videos (“Go to the S: drive and look for my folder…”).  It really is a refreshing way to break the monotony of work.

*ding dong* Delivery for Kamikazee Girl!

3) “Kamikazee Girl” – I know you’re reading this and you know you rock.  I’ll say it again, YOU ROCK!  You with your quirky obsessions with all things Japanese, Jun Matsumoto, Fashion, Jun Matsumoto, Cats, Jun Matsumoto, writing and blogging, Jun Matsumoto, paper and notebooks, Jun Matsumoto, the awesome-ness known as Brandon Boyd…and have I mentioned Jun Matsumoto?!  I have learned many great things from you Master! Obi-wan has indeed taught you well. *bows*

It’s really wonderful when you meet people who share the same crazy obsessions as you do…people who are open to sharing themselves, their stories, their time with you.  Thank you for being my pleasant surprises! Cheers!