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My first rock concert for 2011 February 7, 2011

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…is coming up this saturday, Feb. 12!  5 more days til I get my rock on!

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2 Responses to “My first rock concert for 2011”

  1. ulacakes Says:

    hmmm enjoy! though honestly, im sooo engeng i dont know their songs!

    • fizzywoohoo Says:

      Thanks! Honestly, not even sure if Ava bought tickets na..she’s in charge of it kasi.

      Another confession…I don’t know that many songs either. Basta my favorite lang is “Minerva”, which I hope they’ll perform.

      A lot of times the other bands we go to, we don’t know much songs din like Hoobastank, Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance…we watch because it’s fun to be there…and they may never come back diba? haha We’ll probably never see them anywhere else, right? Lalo na when we watched this kpop group, Beast, wala kaming alam at all! At least for Super Junior, I know a few songs…but still, di ko pa rin masasabayan kantahin because I have a hard time memorizing korean lyrics haha!

      Even if we don’t know that much songs, ako personally, I end up having a great time and liking the band. But for Linkin Park and of course, Incubus shempre, yan alam ko songs nila kaya you can pop quiz me!

      So you’re not going to Stone Temple Pilots anymore?

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