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Read. Write. Speak. January 17, 2011

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"I resolve to write, read & speak more this year."

That was something I promised myself I’d try and do more of this 2011.

READ – I love reading books.  I love buying books.  Unfortunately last year, it seems that I only did a lot of buying and not much reading.  I think I’ve only read a total of 2.25 books last year.  The. 25 count went to a book I started but I never even made it to chapter 5.  I’ve already started reading a new book last week and so far I’ve been able to read a few pages each night.  Good.  At least I’m on the right track.

WRITE – So far I think I’m doing well in this department.  It’s only the middle of January and I’ve put in 6 entries (7 including this one) already.  Not bad at all considering I’m always struggling to find topics on what I could write about.  There’s things that I always want to write about but then I’d figure, “Would anyone even bother to read them?”…even the 3, 4 or 5 friends of mine who do follow me?  Haha.  But I have to tell myself that the writing is for my own fulfillment and the fact that I can put it down on paper or on this page is an achievement in itself.  I’m happy to be able to share it.  If friends or other people get to read it and say something nice about it, then that’s an added bonus that I’m thankful for.

SPEAK  – Oh dear.  Here’s the road bump that I’ve been avoiding.  I’m not much of a talker.  I mean, I do talk and tell stories to friends and all but when it comes to sharing my feelings and giving opinions, I pretty much keep my mouth shut.  Maybe I’ll open up a little…but mostly I just take everything in like a sponge (“who lives in a pineapple under the sea!” haha).  I prefer listening to be quite honest.  Ultimately, it’s the possible rejection or judgement that I might get that scares me.  I’m not made of steel, so sometimes even the littlest thing can break me.  Friends tell me to leave my comfort zone once in a while.  I even have one particular friend who says she’ll “take out her hammer and bash me on the head with it” because I sell myself short sometimes…ok, most of the time.  This is something I really have to get rid of.

Like the heroines of the dramas that I watch, may I chant the word, “Fighting!” and really mean it.

2011, here we go.




2 Responses to “Read. Write. Speak.”

  1. Yes, yes- reading is always a good goal! Although I have too many readings for school as it is, I still try to keep up with my readings. Such a difficult task!


  2. lanilakwatsera Says:

    Looking forward for more posts and to hearing more from you!

    That’s a good resolve for this year. I think you have lots of stories to tell and I am one of those who look forward to everything that you will say or write 🙂

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