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High on GD & TOP! January 14, 2011

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Daesung, Seungri, G Dragon, Taeyang & Top

I’ve been listening to a lot of Big Bang for the past few months.  I must say that I do enjoy listening to their music even if I cannot understand it.  Their songs are funky, lively, fun and they’re a bunch of very talented guys.  The group was mostly on haitus (somewhat) for most of 2010 with Daesung doing the Korean version of the musical “Cats”, Taeyang with his solo album “Solar”, Seungri doing work for his solo album as well and both G Dragon & Top working too on their GD & Top album release. And speaking of GD & Top…

I’ve been quite obsessed with them since last month.  Their performance at the MNet Asian Music Awards (well, it was actually Taeyang’s performance, and both of them were special guests) was awesome…I mean, the sleek tuxes, the pimped out gold medallions, heck, even Top’s white blond hair rocked! Shocking and unacceptable to me at first but I’m getting quite used to it. I’m still a little torn though with GD’s permed hair…it’s a little too Kid N’ Play for my taste.  Anyway, in celebration of my new obsession with GD & Top, I present their single “High High”.

And a live performance of the song:

The playful “slap in the face” action they did at 1:06 was quite adorable!

It’s a club thumper, this one.  Well, I don’t go to clubs but this sounds great when it’s turned up loud on my ipod!  It’s absoslutely addicting!  I sometimes catch myself  bobbing my head while waiting for the morning train on my way to work! The song is part of their 11 track album, GD & TOP, released Dec. 24th.  I wanted to buy it at the recent Kpop convention that my friends and I attended.  Unfortunately, the only copies available that day were already for the fans who reserved them online.  It was such a bummer for me then’s not a problem for me now because my own copy is on it’s way! (Thank you!)

However, their other single “Knock Out”, after much anticipation from the fans, has now been banned from being performed at 3 major korean broadcasting stations–SBS, KBS & MBC.  Apparently, the title and lyrics were considered inappropriate and according to a statement the lyrics used “slang terms” which the networks “believed would damage the national psyche”.  Of course when I first heard it I thought it kicked ass…but then again I don’t speak Korean so I can’t really understand what they were rapping about in the first place.  I then consulted with the almighty google and here are the english lyrics to the said song:

“Knock Out”

Knock out, it’s a knock out, knock knock

Knock out, it’s a knock out, knock knock knock knock
When I see the two, I get knocked out
Wait, my hands reach out, shall we go out? You’re a knock out

I’ll chew you, spin spin together

Those ladies that are walking down the street
And even all the guys are screaming out my name (TOP)
My rap is Korea’s favorite food, all the youths are copying me
A motley, it’s jumbled, but also sweet
My two job adventure even broke colored lens glasses
All the WANNA BE STARs that resemble me
They try to chase and chase after me but I’m a MOVIE STAR
I may like toys more than girls, but laugh at me you’ll get hurt
I GET MEANER, you’re getting angry, aren’t you
Even the corner store coffee’s name is T.O.P
My black eyes shake that woman up
My long eyelashes are born from natural freedom,
different from disgusting SMOKY makeup

G-Dragon has come by separating the clouds
Fly super board, the Son Oh Gong on top of the BEAT
My MIC is a baton, I’m Napoleon on stage
The second Kwon Jiyong
BLING BLING BLING I can wear anything I want and it’s a photoshoot
You all know my name
Again they cal me Hong Gil Dong
Mon, Tue, Wed, Thur, Fri, Sat, I go through schedules all day
But when it’s night, I’M SO LONELY
All my scandals, wait for me
How can that oppa be hot?
My dog Gaho is more popular, my gestures are like hypnosis
This phone call is seducing you, my voice is like SWEET Medusa

I was born with this impressive voice
TOP & GD are like almond and chocolate
D D D D Diplo and our combination
An unrealistic fairy tale of your previous night

And here is the said song:

It may seem a little off…or waaaay off (depends on how you look at it) but I’d much prefer the original Korean version.  I’ve always felt songs are much better in their native language anyway..I don’t want them getting lost in translation.  Honestly I didn’t find anything wrong with it (except perhaps that I still can’t understand some parts even if it’s already in english), but then again, cultural differences would now come into play.  To each his own.  What maybe acceptable to one person, may be offensive to another.  Perhaps the suits at the networks disagreed with GD’s dog Gaho being more popular than him? haha…

I’m a huge rock fan as well (yes, you heard it right) so stories of artists or their songs being banned are nothing new to me.  For heaven’s sake, Slipknot are not the anti-christ and just because I listen to them doesn’t mean I can’t enter a church without fear of being burned alive.  Chill, ok?  Give GD & Top a break.  I don’t think the society will crumble if they use the words “bling bling” on their songs.  But seeing as how these 2 guys are already super talented, the news is not going to damage their careers that’s for sure.  I bet it’s only going to fuel up sales for their album. (which, last I checked, is already on top of the charts).  Take that, corporate suits!

Besides, how can you ban such good looking guys as these?  GD & Top….fighting!
videos courtesy of youtube

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