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Double Date: Lani-kun & The Arriesgados November 3, 2010

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Last saturday was a double header for me.  I had morning coffee with one of my 2 Nihon crazed friends, Lani-kun…and after that a lunch date with Mr. & Mrs. Arriesgado.  The Mrs. is one of my oldest / longest friends (we met in Nursery!) and the Mr. is simply one of the coolest, most wonderful dudes I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet. (naks!)
This is my second coffee date with Lani…also known as Mrs. Matsumoto in an alternate universe.  It’s sometimes hard to set a date with her because she works on saturdays but I’m glad we were able to squeeze this in.  It was very touching and flattering that she even told her boss that she will be a tad late for work that day as she was meeting someone special and important to her…*ehem*ehem*.  Though it was short Lani-kun, I had a lot of fun swapping stories with you in person!…as opposed to doing it over on facebook where our wall posts end up looking like novels!  Til the next coffee date! (I HOPE YOU’RE READING THIS GAEMAREE & AVA! *WINK*WINK*)
After coffee and a quick trip to the bookstore, it was time to meet up with Ula & Ron.  I requested her to choose the place where we can have lunch because though “she’s not a foodie”, she does keep a food blog which I regularly visit.  You can check her out at:
They took me to Pepper Lunch at Greenbelt 5 (which took me a while to find it hehe).  This is what we ordered:

My lunch: Beef Pepper Steak with a side order of egg

Ula had the Yakimeshi Japanese Fried Rice

And Ron had the Steak and Burger combo
It was my first time eating there so I was kind of surprised when I found out that I still had to cook (i.e. mix & season) my order while the plate was still sizzling.  The joke was, “Ano? Binayaran ko na nga, lulutuin ko pa?” (“What? I already paid for it and I still have to cook it?”) But once I got the hang of it, the meal was indeed very delicious!  I’ll definitely recommend it to others and for sure I’ll come back and visit.  After the meal, we walked around Greenbelt and checked out the Mac Store.  The Mr. & Mrs. got one of their ipods checked while I oggled at the new ipod touch.  Had the store been complete in their accessories, I would’ve bought it then..but they weren’t, so I didn’t. (but soon…very soon…*cue in evil laughter*)
Thanks to Lani, Ula & Ron for a fun filled saturday!  Til the next weekend date!

One Response to “Double Date: Lani-kun & The Arriesgados”

  1. ulacakes Says:

    FIZZZ!!!! did you get the iPod Touch yet?!?! you should you should!!! hahahahaha

    despite the short lunch date, we had fun, as usual!!! next time we’ll take you to another favorite restaurant of ours!! KOREAN!!! promise!!

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