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The last time October 18, 2010

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5 Responses to “The last time”

  1. ulacakes Says:

    tearjerker much?! heheheh i got goosebumps reading the stroking hair thing…..

  2. fizzywoohoo Says:

    ula!!!! hehe..thanks for reading…again! di pa naman ako oa right? it was “one of those days again” over the weekend…and i thought of this. wait, you got goosebumps because you thought it was scary ba? pero i swear, i really felt it. you know those stories about “nagpaparamdam”? yan lang ang only experience ko with the sort.

    hey, thanks for regularly reading me ha? i think i can count my readers with just one hand hehehe. especially when i talk about these things, you’re always first to share/comment. thanks! thanks! i’m looking forward to our date!

  3. John B Says:

    I want you to know I am enjoying reading your posts. You can now count me in on that hand as well, uh well as long as it isn’t the middle digit ! Seriously keep it coming. Great read and no dumbing down please:The palette of your life’s experience adds to the colors of the rainbow we all look for after the storms of this life. Write on.

    • fizzywoohoo Says:

      Hi John, thanks for visiting. It’s always a treat when I get comments / visits from people who I don’t know. It’s always nice to know what other people think…although I’m always hoping that those people wouldn’t be rude or anything haha. Yes, I’ll count you in as one of those “hands”….thank you. Know that it is very much appreciated. I hope I’m not “dumbing down” anything…wait, does that mean putting down myself? That I should just continue speaking my mind and not think little of it? I’ll really try. I’m not confident in a lot of things and speaking about my mom is one of them. Even my friends hardly hear me talk about her…I guess that’s why it’ still difficult.

      Please visit often..if you can and feel free to comment. I’m not sure if my likes / topics that I talk about appeal to you…(know that I’m quite addicted to korean dramas & music and I haven’t met much folks who share in that quirky obsession of mine haha. just a friendly warning.)…but hearing from others is kind of a nice way of meeting people…even if it’s just through sharing of ideas. Cheers!

  4. towry Says:

    this is my second time that i come here to visit your blog
    it’s perfect

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