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Thank you! October 11, 2010

Filed under: personal,thoughts — fizzywoohoo @ 4:51 am


Honestly, it still feels a bit weird to me that my last post was on “freshly pressed” and that I received an overwhelming response to it.  Apart from my friends, I never really thought other people would read it…or read my blog for that matter.  It’s a scary thought to put your ideas out there because…honestly I don’t want folks to judge me based on a few paragraphs that I have written.

I am happy and thankful though that 99% of those who wrote in were very encouraging and helpful.  The kind words and suggestions are very much appreciated.  Even if there was no suggestion, just writing in to say that you feel the same is also appreciated.  In some ways, it feels comforting that you are not alone.

Thank you.  Even though we don’t know each other, know that your kind words meant something to someone somewhere in this world.


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