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The wrong thing to read at work October 8, 2010

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Yesterday I was doing my usual morning routine of checking out yahoo news and I stumbled upon this article:

Here’s a close up of the article’s title…

Aah yes…1 year, 1 month and 1 week into working for the evil empire I’ve started to question myself again if I’m really cut out for this kind of work.  Sure I can accomplish all the stuff that is asked of me but instead of doing it with my heart, I do it with my brain.  Most people would probably say, “It’s work…you’re supposed to use your brain right?”  True, but I’ve always wanted to do something that would also fill my heart with joy.  I’m not an effing robot you know.  Yes, the evil empire is very generous and money is abundant (what I saved here in only a few months, would take me years in my old job) and it’s all good and very much appreciated but…and this may sound very cliche…but I feel there’s something missing.  Perhaps some may think, “How can you say that when you earn so much already?!”  Like I said, I’m very thankful and grateful for the material blessings but I honestly would give it up if I were to do something that I know would truly make me happy.

I still get days here where it’s just nothing…and I’ll go about my day just thinking about surviving until the weekend comes (screaming “freedom!” ala Braveheart)…and then certain days will come when you just want to scream out, “Get me the EFF outta here!”–especially when you work too damn hard and then people still expect you to grow 10 extra arms so that you can cater to all their other insignificant / personal needs.  I know my friend (“kapatid”) and I always joke that we’re just “slaves” (“Back to the saltmines!”) but it’s not really funny when you’re living it.

I don’t have any solutions yet.  All I know is that I should be wise with  my earnings now.

Any bright ideas?


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  1. Lindsay Says:

    You’re not alone. I’m right there with you.

    Find something that you CAN do from your heart. Do something that brings joy to you and the people you do it for. Volunteer outside of work if you can’t make your passion your career.

  2. Well, I’ve advised several friends and will tell you now that you won’t find anything new until you take the first step towards it.

    Be wise with the money you’re earning now and keep working, but when you can find time (nights, weekends), start sending out resumes, start taking online classes to move toward another career, volunteer… do something that’s a step in the right direction.

    When the time is right, a new opportunity will present itself and you’ll be ready because you’ve prepared yourself for it.

    Good luck!

  3. flyinggma Says:

    I gather from reading your post that you are younger than me. I am 50 and am thinking the same thoughts as you. I can do what is required of me but I’m not really happy what I do for work right now. I hear my clock ticking and wonder how I am going to turn my working into something I truly love at age 50. After all I’ve spent the past 28 years getting where I thought I wanted to be. I’m here and I’d love to be anywhere else so where did I take my wrong turn?

  4. We feel your pain. Try doing something meaningful on the side and stick with this job if you’re earning a good amount. You can be fulfilled outside the workplace too!

  5. Just a thought: If your Evil Empire is truly evil, perhaps they’re spying on your computer. And tracking your clicks and time spent on different sites/posts. And will see that you’re reading articles about being in the wrong job.

    That could be good, in the long run…right?

    Best of luck. It’s never good (nor easy) to be in a salt mine. Never. 😉

  6. Hm. No ideas here. I am currently staying home after working under miserable leadership. Much better now.

  7. John Says:

    There is only one bright idea – Jesus! What you long for in your heart will never ever be filled by the work you do unless it is the calling on your life that God has placed there. Any work outside of that mission will be meaningless to you. The void you seek to fill can only be filled by Jesus.

    Now, you may call and consider me a Jesus freak, which is fine by me because I am freaked over Jesus. By his own admission, he is the only way to God. However, he is also the only one with the power and authority to give you love and acceptance that people either feign or attempt to give.

    Seek God today about what direction you should take. Have you stopped to consider that He may have put you there to be an ambassador for him to the ones around you? If you aren’t a follower of Jesus, I invite to accept his eternal life-love gift now. If you will believe in your heart that God raised Jesus from the dead and confess orally that Jesus is LORD, you will be saved. Confess of all the wrongs you done in this life and accept his love today.

    You will find the greatest peace in any situation if you let God have control of your life. Peace.

  8. Matt Says:

    quite a universal feeling. figure out what you have a passion for and then go after it. very cliche of me to say, but what it boils down to is, that if you’re not happy in your job, you need to quit. there’s always something better than you can be doing with your time. If you go to bed at the end of the day, dreading the next work day, then you need to get off your ass and figure out what you want to be doing with the rest of your life.

    I wish you luck.

  9. uninvoked Says:

    Ouch. I’m glad I really like my job. Now if only the material blessings came along with it. >_>

  10. brianwawryk Says:

    First of all, congrats on getting Freshly Pressed!

    I hear about this a lot. There’s two schools of thought. One is “Be thankful you have a good job.” The other is “Life’s too short, do what you LIKE to do.” And, I personally somewhat agree with both of them. I mean, I see those people who are unemployed and I can appreciate the first thought. Then I see those out there doing their dream job and think, why can’t I do that too?

    I suggest you follow your heart. What do you WANT to do? Some people like to help other people, like health care or social services. Others like to help others by building, such as construction. Whatever it is that fills your heart, I say go for it. Life’s too short, but make sure you are always covered financially. You don’t want to become a burden on society just to fulfill your own desires.


  11. A recent report said that empoyees now spend on average 5 hours a week surfing the internet while at work. If you make ‘good money”, enjoy it and invest it. Gain some work experience and then look for something you truly enjoy.

    You need money to survive and thrive but people usually end up more successful (and happy) by doing what they enjoy.

  12. Too funny! Yes I have a feeling you’re thoughts are shared by many, myself included. I’ve often thought that I’ve had that maybe it wouldn’t be so bad to have (much) less in order to do something I love, problem is, I doubt my family would agree with that. (sigh)

  13. Good post. I’ve been there, in a job that paid me PLENTY and I had more than I knew what to do with. I gave it all up and took on a job that I LOVE but pays little. And, of course, I’m finding myself so much happier now than I EVER was at the old job.

  14. Feeling that way myself. Sometimes I wonder if I find another job if I won’t just feel the same way I do about my current one, but it’s perhaps one step closer to THE job, you know? The one where I’ll finally be happy. I’m feeling unappreciated where I am…such a wonderful feeling, isn’t it?

  15. mrsjarette Says:

    Figure out what you really want to do …Believe me i have the same feeling.

  16. wineguider Says:

    One possible idea — since you are lucky enough to have a good salary, set a date for yourself. Save like a mot*erf***er util that date, then QUIT, and give yourself a year off. In that year, goof off, maybe read some books and travel, and think about what you REALLY want to do.
    Hope this helps. I have some experience with it, because it’s what I did. As for one thing I’m doing in my year off? Well, my wordpress blog!

  17. RB Says:

    You know I was thinking the same way just yesterday. If its not in your heart and its somethin you dread doing then why do it. I just cant seem to bring myself to quit my job. I don’t make near enough as I would like and there are so many opportunities to earn more doing something I love. I would suggest taking your earnings and getting into poker or playing the stock market. Find what it is you love and create a website out of it. If you can get enough people to read it like you do this post then maybe you can market it. Who knows you may stumble upon something that everyone is dying to have or do. You could be the next billionaire.

  18. I know how you feel. There’s gotta be something better out there. Just saving up the money they’re pouring in till I can find something I enjoy doing with life.

  19. Nikole Hahn Says:

    Change your attitude about work and stick it out until the economy gets better. :o) I know it’s hard, but the job market is not what it was…

  20. Todd Says:

    Not that you need advice on this, but you really need a new moniter at work. That screen is from the proverbial computer ice age. 🙂 I am right there with you on the job. I enjoy the people I work with, and my boss can even be tolerable most of the time. My issue lies within living in a terrible city such as Albany, GA. I just decided that it’s time to pack up and move to Atlanta and go back to school (at least there will be attractive single women there). I am still searching for what can truly be my muse in the workplace. I know my strengths and my passions, and I believe that they can be utilized in many types of positions and industries. Just not sure where, or what, will truly make me enjoy my work.

  21. Scott Says:

    Quit. Now. I sure wouldn’t want you doing anything for me with that attitude. They call it work because it’s not FUN. That’s why they give you money to do it.

    If you believe it’s such an evil empire, you are merely fanning the flames by working there. You’re either a whore with no morals and values, or a mercernary … oh, wait, what’s the difference?

    Go fill your heart with joy, if you can find such a position and a boss that will put up with your cry-baby attitude.

    • Odee Says:

      One, you obviously don’t get what the author is saying.

      Two, your definition of work sucks. They call it WORK because it’s NOT FUN? They must be slave-driving your ass off at your job.

  22. dtrasler Says:

    A really, really good out of work activity, so you can tell yourself that the Evil Empire is funding your principle reason for living. I work most of the time in a Home Improvement Retail Store, welcoming customers as they enter. I’m nearly forty! Luckily for me, my real life is being a playwright, which earns almost as much and allows me to create entire worlds of silliness or sobriety as I see fit.

    Work is the thing that allows you to decide who to be, if you’ll forgive the Hallmark sentiment. What you do is not always who you are. Or, if you prefer, take the money and run!

  23. sylviangirl Says:

    “How can you say that when you earn so much already?!” If anyone said that to me I would be tempted to slap them! Life is not and should not be all about the money, especially if happiness is what’s being sacrificed.

  24. Zahara Says:

    What kind of work would you rather be doing? Save your money, make a plan, and do what it takes to get there. The path to more satisfaction can’t be any more tedious than this job.

    Next time your goofing off at work, check out my blog!

  25. Be thankful you have a job.

  26. cala4lily Says:

    I quit my job almost a year ago, despite a terrible job market, despite having a “good paying job”, because I felt as you do — there must be something more than just being a cubicle slave. When I quit I didn’t have a backup plan, initially I blamed the company figuring they were the reason I was so unhappy, and just assumed I would find a better company in the same field. The economy changed those thoughts quickly but I suddenly discovered that quitting my job was the best thing I could have ever done. I have never been happier even though financially I drained my savings along my journey. However, knowing what I know now if I had to do it all over again, I would have quit sooner. As hard as it is financially I have discovered many things about myself, what I really want, how little materialistically I really needed to make me happy, and I have remained debt free in the process. I have discovered other ways to make money and still be happy. Once I let go of the “shoulda, coulda, woulda”, the expectations from others and myself, just let go, I really began to tap into a resilience, an inner voice of some sort that has helped me discover what will actually make me happy and allow me to use my brain. Money comes when you need it; it does not make you happy, all those cliches are true. I can’t say what you should do since everyone is different, everyone’s situation has other factors to consider — who else may be relying on you for your income as well, your tolerance for risk, alternatives for income, debt situation, etc., it is all different. I can only comment saying for me, it was the best thing I’ve ever done. I hope you find your way because it really sucks living life just to pay the bills and waiting for the weekend for some freedom and joy.

  27. Bakbakee Says:

    That’s absolutely the wrong thing to read at work ! 😀
    I like your post, its short, crisp.
    Congrats on getting freshly pressed!

  28. Kate Says:

    I really understand….I don’t like spending every week wishing my life away. My plan is to save money and spend every free moment working on my writing. I figure, better a pipe dream than no dream as all, right? Do you have something you feel passionately about? Something you would definitely be doing if it paid better?

    Thank you so much for this post. It’s wonderful not feeling alone.

  29. Ben Umnus Says:

    I know how you feel. Although I don’t hate my job as it has certain benefits, I feel like it won’t allow me much of a chance for promotion so really I feel like I’m stuck physically and financially (since I’m not doing very well there.) For a time I’ve been trying to think of what God given talents I could use in order to better the situation appropriately and the closest thing I can really determine at this point is to write a book; though again publishing one of those costs money too… I hate money 😦

  30. CrystalSpins Says:

    I can totally relate. I count down the hours to the end of the work day almost every day. Personally I’m trying to keep watch over my attitude and be sure that I’m not the thing making work suck — but it only takes me so far. I find that the more things I do outside of work that I really enjoy the less importance my job has. I also make sure to take all of the breaks I’m allowed, all of the vacation days I’m allowed and I use all my sick time.

    I don’t know if that will help you out, but it’s how I’m coping until I find joyful work. (I wish I were getting paid amply as you are to play robot each day. If you quit that job maybe you could let me know and I’ll apply? 😉 )


  31. karakeene Says:

    I feel ya… except my paycheck sucks! Work is nothing more than work for now. Every career path I have tried has just been a waste of time and money. Really starts to become depressing!

  32. fayea Says:

    hahahaha… a very good read & I can empathize with you there about wanting to find something to do from your heart.

    I’ve always thought something was missing in my working life. I’ve made money before but that wasn’t making me joyful. I would rather have a job that I enjoy doing & found it. 🙂

    I hope you find what makes you happy soon.


  33. achilliad Says:

    where is this “evil empire”, China? How can I apply so I can make crazy money miserably also?

  34. Alf Says:

    Sometimes i feel the same way too.

  35. Kiki Says:

    Find what you are passionate about and do it! That’s what I did! And I ended up moving to Belgrade, Serbia and teach English. 🙂 And no one can say I’m doing it for the money… it’s a teaching job and we all know there is no money in teaching unfortunately. But I like it!

  36. ryoko861 Says:

    In the state of the economy, I think you should be happy you have a job.

  37. Give it a year (or two or five, whatever seems right), stash every possible penny and then leave with a wedge of cash to do what you really want.

  38. Save as much as you can and decide what would make both the brain & heart happy.

  39. Jonah L. Says:

    Take your saving and start your own business, one that makes you happy. If you are doing what you like you will never go to work a day in your life.

  40. izziedarling Says:

    I don’t think it matters how much $ you make, if you don’t particularly care for what you are doing, it sucks. Been there, made the most of it, got out. The savings part is good. Maybe look around while you are banking the cash. I hope you stumble on to what you love to do.Cheers!

  41. seemz2me Says:

    I know some people who are in your boat. I’ll give you the same advice I’ve given them.
    Give yourself an end date to this job, save every cent you can. Start looking for what makes your heart sing. If that requires more education, then use your money towards that end. Best of Luck!!

  42. If we all could just do what we loved, wouldn’t this be a wonderful world? Heavenly! I am going to school and while I finish up my BA, I am trying my hand at writing (my joy) and who knows, maybe it will grow a life of it’s own…..that’s my hope anyway!

    Good luck!!!

  43. Holly Says:

    This is the fundamental question! You are not alone. My stepdad tells me “if you are doing something you love, you’ll never work a day in your ilfe.” Well, I’ve always worked! I think there’s only a select few who ever achieve this – doing what they love and enjoying every minute of it. Some make good money at it, some don’t, but they’re all happy. The rest of us are just ‘working for the weekend.’ Congratulations on the big pay check, though! Maybe if you stick it out and save up your pennies, you’ll have the ability to persue your dream later, be it starting your own business or doing something rewarding like working for a non-profit (for not so great wages). Good luck.

  44. Ah, sounds all too familiar. 😉

    I say, follow your heart. It’s not cheesy, it’s survival. If you dislike where you are in any way, it’s going to show in your work and then you might just piss off the powers that be and then you’ll be out on their terms, not yours.

    Few people are passionate about their jobs. And for those who are, they excel at it and they wake up each day looking forward to work. I am lucky enough to be one of those people. But it took a long time to get to this point. And I had a lot of hard decisions to make a long the way about my career paths and advancements (or set-backs as was the case sometimes).

    Sometimes life is about so much more than earning dollars.

    Drive on,
    – M.

  45. pbandchutney Says:

    If you’ve got an old school IBM monitor at work.. its time to go.

  46. gvanguard Says:

    If I was you I would hold on to your current position until you really find what your niche would really be. As to your earnings, I would hold on to them, until Facebook offers their stock in an ipo. Although this is two years away, I would imagine you will be able to jump into their shares and grab some while they are cheap. If that doesn’t sound like a good idea, buy an island. Good luck

  47. ylbnoel Says:

    I know what you mean Fizzywoohoo: do the thing you love, and you’ll never have to work a day for the rest of your life. But somewhere, you have to make compromises, can’t avoid reality , and besides it sounds like one you do what you do rather well, and two you’re paid well to do what you do. Take care and kudos on the nice blog 🙂

  48. Abby Says:

    Great post! Save up as much as you can and follow your heart, that’s what I say. Start dreaming about what you would do if you didn’t need money…

  49. educlaytion Says:

    First let me say congrats on FP. Well deserved. Second let me say you’re fantastic for referencing Braveheart in any way in any post. I’ve been talking to friends and writing all week about the jobs we work in our lives. I jsut posted a piece about how many places the average person has worked. We were pretty surprised at the results. Enjoy today.

  50. I say save your money and plan a trip to some exotic location like Bali. I hear it’s beautiful.

  51. dlfields Says:

    You’re not alone and it’s not wrong to feel unsatisfied at work. It’s a fairy tale to be “in love” with your job. No sane person could be. Instead, do your best at your job and be grateful that you have one in this economy.
    What you may have to do is view your job as a fuel for your passions, of which I hope you have many. Release them in the evenings and on the weekends. And keep putting money in savings.
    Best of luck in all your endeavors!

  52. megadecimal Says:

    So think back to what you wanted to be when you grew up. Or what makes you particularly happy now?

    Since you’re in a stable position right now, you’re able to really take time to think of what you want to be doing. Once you know what you want, you can casually search for just the right job.

  53. Tom Barden Says:

    Even the slave drivers were slaves once, remember that and you will feel better, if you feel that strongly, make it happen 😀

  54. liac333 Says:

    I’m not really an expert when it comes to the working world, but I do think you’re onto something. People shouldn’t just do what they do because they can do it, they should do what they do because they want to do it. Sorry I can’t be more help, but my advice to you is to
    1) Find another job that you enjoy.
    2) Quit your current job.

    In that order 😉

  55. Aleta Says:

    First off: do you know what you’d rather be doing? If yes, then start working towards that goal. If not, then its time to start doing some research to find the right career for. When you have a plan that you are actively working towards, you stop feeling ‘stuck’.

  56. fellow drone Says:

    ugh i’m in the same boat! if you get any good ideas, let me know!!! 🙂

  57. Bill Says:

    Amen brother. I feel the same way.

  58. jenion Says:

    No wise answers. However, your post struck a chord with me, because I’ve been doing the opposite: working for small money at a job that fed my heart and soul. The honest truth is, this way of living can be great and it can suck…probably not so different than your situation! Either way can lead to burn out, which I am feeling big time these days. Maybe the answer is to change it up from time to time, learn what life is like on the other side of the rainbow…and crossing back and forth over the course of a lifetime…

  59. westfingers Says: If you’re interested in photography and graphic design

  60. quixoticpen Says:

    Have you considered taking a day-long or weekend retreat — either self-directed at a state park or more officially through a retreat center — in which you actually connect with your higher purpose and true passions? Some people find silent retreats to be helpful. Others need the structure of focused workshops, meditations, and group discussion.
    Recently, I had the not-original thought, “Follow your passions, and the money will follow.” I have just decided to go with this and pursue my passions of writing (check back with me to ask whether I’ve completed a volume of poetry), art, and healing work.
    Thank you for being honest. People need to hear what you have written, and I am interested to know how you will blossom when you unleash yourself to follow your heart.
    Also, it’s smart that you’re stashing some money aside.

  61. hacerunlibro Says:

    read the book and play

    Rich Dad Poor Dad is a book by Robert Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechter. It advocates financial independence through investing, real estate, owning businesses, and the use of finance protection tactics.

    Rich Dad Poor Dad is written in the style of a set of parables, ostensibly based on Kiyosaki’s life.[1] Kiyosaki stresses the ownership of high value assets, rather than being an employee as a recurring theme in the book’s chapters.

  62. BLA Says:

    i’m going to periodically check back for these “bright ideas”…i could use ’em myself…

  63. I would say to start a little business from home while you still doing your current job. Do something you have interest in let that business grow and then make the decision about what you want to do with yor life…

  64. soulbridge Says:

    There is an online “test” that you can take from Career Direct online that uses your gifts, talents, experience and education to help you narow down some career possibilites. Maybe it could help you focus on something that would allow you to use your brain and your heart! Good luck!

  65. rtcrita Says:

    It would be nice if everyone could have their dream job. Right now, it would be nice if some people just had A JOB–not to take away in any way your struggles with continuing in a job that does not make you as happy as you would like. I’ve been there, believe me.

    One thing that helped me during that time was to go in with as positive an attitude as I could possibly muster so that I could at least START the day off right. I knew a wrench would be thrown in someplace during the day. But I also knew if I started my day off as positive as I could, then I would at least have a couple of hours of “okay” during the day before the negativity would start to creep in on me again due to my impossible surroundings.

    Also, my parents always taught me to “leave my personal problems at home and your work problems at work.” This was the best advice for me because when the two start to mix, it affects your personal life and you don’t want this at all. Your home is your sanctuary. Don’t pollute it with negativity from work.

    Is it possible for you to move to a different department in your company? Maybe a change in position would help. And try to find some hobbies or outside activities that help you forget all about work so you feel like you still have a decent life that’s worthwhile and happy and that outweighs your work life–which is how it should be anyway. And look at your work as a challenge. Like a competition where you try to see how well you can do during the day and how much you can accomplish. Focus on your work and the quality of it, not on how many irratating chores your asked to do during the day.

    Having said all that, if your work begins to effect your physical being–like you start getting headaches or neck stiffness, backaches, stomach problems, etc.–it’s time to find a new job or quit if you can afford it. It’s never worth your health. NEVER.

  66. svartfar Says:

    Reading this makes me feel lucky (although I don’t believe in luck) because instead of worrying about how much my job would pay, I pursued something I loved doing, and the money followed. I am always shocked when the weekend comes, I have so much fun at work.

  67. hollywood789 Says:

    I think you are a very intelligent person who should be looking at your own self worth.You should take some of that money and invest or do some soul searching read (cash in a flash) excellent book on how to find your own personal ideas and start your own bussiness let money work for you! You can do It! Great blog keep it up!

  68. Interestingly, a lot of people seem to be going through a similar thing right now – must be the Universe trying to get us all in alignment with our heart’s desires or something.

    Here’s a great little post that I’ve been following about a similar thing you might get some value out of:

    And here’s my own post about following what my heart wants:

    Best of luck sugartits!

  69. You don’t know me, but……

    Save up money like the apocalypse is coming, then quit. Even if you don’t know what you want to do next. Following your heart is always worth it.


  70. parwatisingari Says:

    find your passion and make sure you get paid for it

  71. ancaparema Says:

    My advice? Don’t burn any bridges, but start looking for jobs you would enjoy more. Maybe work where you are for a little longer to save some money, then try to pursue something different. You’re in a better position than many: you have a well-paying job to fall back on during your job search.

    Another option would be community service in your off-time.

    Just a thought 🙂

  72. 1) Maybe you’ve answered this in other posts but this is the first post of yours that I’m reading and I’m wondering, how did you get into the position you’re in?
    2) The time to figure out your passion and prepare to move on is now, while you still have your “good” job.
    We only have a little bit of time in this life. Do your best to limit any regrets you may one day have about how you used it.

  73. rooster90 Says:

    If you want my opinion, I’d get out ASAP! I saw my mother suffer and become very depressed being stuck at her current job for nearly 30 years, all because it paid well to support me and my brother. While she was an amazing mother who sacrificed everything for us, I would’ve rather lived in a trailer and see her be happy with her job.

    I vowed to pursue a career that I would love until the day I die. So, as of today, I graduated with my Associates in Audio Production and Engineering to pursue a life filled with music and sound, no matter how much (or little) I make. My mother supported me 100% in my choice to follow my dream, something she didn’t have the chance to do.

  74. foolsprints Says:

    I’ve got the opposite problems. I’ve spent a good few piecing together what I want to do, where my heart is. I currently trying to balance several different jobs. Im not yet sure if its possible to balance then time wise let alond funds wise…but I just dont want to give them up. No money, no time, no sign of it getting better unless I quit. But the jobs are brilliant…

  75. Start your own business and in something that you are interested in…..You’ll be your own boss and HOPEFULLY make money and do what you like doing

  76. brenda Says:

    Yes, paying your bills is important, and quitting your job without a realistic plan is irresponsible. But there are seven days in a week. Assuming you’re working five of those days, just surviving until the weekend, you’re practically wishing away 5/7 of your entire life. I’ve been there and I wish I had a simple answer. But maybe that gives a little perspective to the folks who think its all about the paycheck. I found it helpful to invest non-work hours in the most meaningful things I could. I lost some free hours and got back my soul. I’m rooting for you!

  77. I feel your pain – where I work, I am assigned tasks I could have done in my sleep 25 years ago and are exceptionally insulting to be doing now.

    Being undervalued and feeling like your efforts do not contribute to anything make it hard to even think about going to work.

    So, try to think about what type of tasks you like to do – research, writing, designing, manual labour, building, or whatever

    and what kind of work environment you’d like – indoors, outdoors, dealing with the public or working alone

    then, what types of non-profits, companies, government, private, resource sector has positions that match

    or maybe think about what is it that you are passionate about – homelessness, at risk teens, environmental, corporate or whatever

    I’m trying to move from government to non-profit myself.

  78. Gina Mortenson Says:

    Congrats on making freshly pressed-great post. Smart to be wise with your earnings in these days of uncertainty. Why not try looking for something for your heart to do on the side while your brain still keeps its day job?

  79. incomepowerboost Says:

    Nice post . when you boil it boil it own to the basics we all have two choices

    1 rely on an “outside source” for our income

    2 Be self sufficient and generate our own income

    If your not happy or want a change in your life YOU have the power to do it You control your own Destiny. Always remember that,

    Wishing you success and all the best days .

  80. Jen Randolph Says:

    Is there any way you could post the article? If you don’t know how just ask, it is really easy to post links in your blog.

  81. Briar Says:

    Get out, dude. The money just isn’t worth it if you’re not enjoying it. Invest it somewhere smart so that you can watch grow without worrying too much, but live simply and find a job you actually enjoy. I may be naive but nobody should have to work in a job they don’t enjoy.

  82. robynsheppard Says:

    Well, off the top of my head, I’d say you’re definitely not slaves. After all, you can be fired at any time, whereas slaves have to be sold.

    Kidding aside, what do you like to do in your spare time? Is there the possibility of a career change into a related job field? What about volunteering? Or you could always do what I did: at the ripe old age of 60, I’ve gone back to school for my nursing degree. I’ll be 64 when I’m done, but who said you were ever too old to make your dreams come true?

  83. Rex Raymond Says:

    Are you Pinoy? You’re on Freshly pressed! Congratulations!

    Rex Raymond

  84. lindamy Says:

    I know exactly how you feel – am exactly in the same position. I’ll quit in a minute too if there’s something worthwhile in the horizon. Hang in there, save that money wisely and when a great opportunity come along, grab for it. Meanwhile on those simply intolerable days, think of all the worst case scenarios, things will look up brighter. Have a good weekend. 🙂

  85. lanilakwatsera Says:

    Congratulations on your first Freshly Pressed post!!! (hugs hugs and more hugs)
    Don’t we all get a feeling of thinking if we are in the right job? or career?

    Anyway, you are a very good worker and I know you’ll do well at the Evil Empire 🙂

    • denise04 Says:

      I know exactly what you’re going through; it’s been a year like that for me at the job I’m at (going on 4 years and the last two years haven’t been all that made out to be). Somedays I just want to get the EFF out but keep plugging along, doing my own work. I am still looking for that other job.

      It’s funny how say one person can either make or break a job position.

  86. George Secko Says:

    Congratulations on being “Freshly Pressed”.

    I’m a senior, retired and worked hard on being fulfilled, not just satisfied. I now have time and technology to share some of the things I found out.

    Check out my blog; hope it helps.

  87. Great blog! I suggest that you live life to the fullest! No one can tell you exactly what that is, but if you feel like I felt as my last job–imprisoned, then I would say break free! Ever see The Shawshank Redemption? How long do you think it took that man to break out of prison? Years, I suppose…Life is short, start living today. Kudos!

  88. Yasmine Wael Says:

    Start looking for another job that pays,which can also “fill your heart with joy”. Find a job that can do both.

  89. borset Says:

    Haha I totally agree with you, especially in this economy, if you are caught viewing a page like that, then it doesn’t bode well. But I think with all things in life you will know when you have found the right job, so never settle, even in this economy! 😀

  90. You should look into volunteering once a week. It allows you to choose what you want and still be productive. There are also sports teams for adults that will allow you to stay active. This probably wont change the work situation, but it will give you something else to do. I remember hating school but looking forward to basketball or track practice and my music classes. It made the work.. well less like work! Hope that helps!!

  91. bevisandrew Says:

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    extended stay motels

  92. Gregoryno6 Says:

    I’ve done time with an evil empire or two myself. Damn, how they proliferate. And you wonder how long it will be until they appear deskside and say “We’ll have that last litre of blood now, thanks.”
    The only good advice I can offer is that you probably shouldn’t follow my strategy. In other words, don’t stick at it until you can’t unwind to sleep at night. Don’t leap out of bed at 3am and type up a resignation that vilifies your boss – and includes comprehensive examples of his/her rampant idiocy. Don’t walk in and drop it on his desk.
    Then again, this gave me the pleasure of passing him unnoticed in the car park. He was pulllng in as I pulled out right behind him. Damn, that felt good.

  93. See, that’s why people say money isn’t everything. But then , if you have the money, you cannot complain too much with the benefits it brings. My suggestion is that you should strive for a job that pays well and brings tremendous satisfaction to your life. Cheer up!

  94. cdosy Says:

    same state here.. =/

  95. SW Says:

    “True, but I’ve always wanted to do something that would also fill my heart with joy. ”
    I would suggest that you never forget this. Everyday search for an opportunity to do just that. Joseph Campbell calls it following your bliss. It ain’t easy, I can attest. I’ve toiled for the almighty dollar for many years. Now, in the 4th quarter of my life, I refuse to just work for a living. I will follow my bliss at last. I will fill my heart with joy.
    Don’t wait 35 years like I did. Go for it now.

  96. newstarking Says:

    Wish you good luck

  97. livylove Says:

    What a neat post! It was the first this that caught my eye when I logged on to WP. Well done. 🙂

  98. Topmace Says:

    My problem, actually is, I don’t know if I love my job or not. So how do I know that? 😀

  99. Easy-going and enjoy life, because happiness exists

  100. Wondering reader Says:

    I don’t ever read blogs, so it’s funny that I should happen across yours right now. I’m presently in a similar situation, from what I understand, and have to say: GET OUT!

    I work to live, not live to work, so it really depends on what your preferences are to if my advice is what you should consider.

    I’d much rather work at a place where I didn’t earn so much, but felt like I actually did something worthwhile, rather than work for a place that’s really just soul sucking. Everyday, while I’m good at what I do, I feel a little more beat down, and it’s totally fucked up! My time (and yours) is valuable and what we do with it should be something we appreciate. Where we work is not removed from space and time – it is a big part of who we are. We don’t get that time back.

    Life’s too short. If work’s bringing you down, find new work, because it’s your time they’re taking, and, presumably, you want to feel good about what you’re doing. If you’re not… why are you doing it?

    You should really search for other work that better suits you. That’s my bright idea. What DO you want to accomplish? Myself, I want to enjoy LIFE – travel, learn, try new things, be happy and bring happiness! I don’t need a shit ton of money for that. I saved up 10 grand working at a cafe and went travelling to London where I lived for 2 years and explored Europe. Met the love of my life there! Then I saved up another 10 grand after returning back home, and now I’m living in America with the same love of my life I met in London! I’m not rich, I’m only 26, but by the time I was 24, I could say I’ve been to and experienced 11 different countries, and that’s on my own time. It’s an awesome feeling.

    My life is a great one, because I’ve made it to be what I want. We’re not rich, but we make enough money, live in a great location, get to go out regularly to awesome restaurants and still travel about!

    Work, however, is currently just shite and I won’t put up with it any longer. I really don’t think you should either.

    Good luck with everything! Hope you find more happiness 🙂

  101. niftyone Says:

    Maybe you could invest some your time in thinking about if you really need all that money and if you really need to work so hard.

  102. Lenny Says:

    Build up your own small business. Just be prepared for more work. In reward you’ll feel free and good about your work. That’s what I did.

    Best regards

  103. Gleenn Says:

    Hey there! Hoe funny I stumbled upon this article of yours and just found it echoing my thoughts. It’s entirely the same for me. I went abroad, busted my ass working like hell and all the way dreaming for my desired salary. I got it. I did saved swat and blood. But am I happy? No! I realized it isn’t money. Yes, money helps a lot in making yourself happy but that is a need if only to offset your frustrations. Guess what? The worst thing about receiving a very good salary but being unhappy at work is the boredom. I hate Mondays and oh how I love Fridays! I hate my bosses and I hate all the leeches at the work place. But I bear with it. I bore for a long time because I’m waiting for the perfect time to move out.

    So what do I do? I save my money and I plan for a career change. I’m on the process of preparation and I came up with a plan that would make me my own boss and I can work on my terms and do the things that I love. I’m excited for next year and I can’t wait to hand in my resignation to my terrible boss. But at the same time, I pray. I pray for God’s guidance for the big leap in my career. I asked for signs and I got it. I asked for ideas and it came.

    It’s gonna be scary but I believe that earning a living out of doing something that you love doesn’t make you work for another day. 🙂

  104. nana Says:

    nice post & i like it. thank for share

  105. Agatha82 Says:

    I used to feel exactly the same about every single job I’ve ever had. The last one sucked my soul dry and I jumped ship before I became one of their zombies. Yep, I quit my day job and took 3 months off to work on my novel. Now, I’m working part time. I’m broke but happy. The part time money allows me to pay my rent/bills only but gives me time to write and THAT is what makes ME happy.

    What wold make YOU happy? Think about that, and think about how you can achieve that, little by little.
    I realise not everyone is as lucky as me, I am single, no children, no mortgage (I rent) and have no loans/credit card debts.

    P.S Save all that extra money you’re earning and think about what you could do later on.

  106. I think that probably about 70% of people in 9-5s spend most of their office time praying for the weekend to come. I know I did when I was in my last office job. Problem is, money never seems to follow any job with ‘heart’ in it, unless you’re some kind of celebrity or lucky jim. I would only suggest that if you do decide to stay, make sure you have plenty of stuff to keep you occupied in quiet times. I always found listening to radio 4 programmes, testing my typing speed online and whiling away hours on wikipedia links, to be good timewasters!

  107. jackiejwward Says:

    Pursue your passions. Whether you find them in your profession, or outside of it. If the two are not aligned, follow your passions. I’m not saying leave your job, but in pursuit of your passions, opportunities will arise. Keep your chin up. Don’t stop.

  108. Just be thankful you have a job. Especially one where you’re not scraping the bottom of the barrel trying to feed yourself, or having to make decisions between fuel for the car to get to work, or food on the table. And you’re getting paid to sit around and shuffle through Yahoo news everymorning. The grass is always greener somewhere else, my friend.

  109. Most people spend 40 years plus in work, and it’s an awful lot of time (tot up the hours involved) to spend doing something that you just don’t care about. If you were on your deathbed now, would you look back over your life and think – yes, I did something good with it? Or would you think – I wasted it.

    Sometimes it’s worth sticking a job that you hate because the money enables you to do something you love the rest of the time. But if you aren’t doing anything you love, it’s time to take stock!

    I’ve had a lot of clients who have made the move out of high paid work into lower paid work that they enjoy more, and very few regret it. But it is hard when you’ve got a mortgage, family and all the other financial commitments we acquire as we get older, and lots of people never make that move.

  110. I hope you find something that you’d really enjoy doing.

    Good luck 🙂

  111. knifesky Says:

    it doesnt matter with earning or some kind of job,
    all is about u enjoy it or u beef it

    nice blog 🙂

  112. I’ve seen the article and know the feeling! You wonder if anyone really likes the “job” or if the higher ups only like the “power”

  113. Erika Says:

    Great post. If it helps you any, you are not alone. Take time…explore new and different things…and I believe soon you will discover what “it” is that will fill you with joy along with allowing you to continue to “pay the bills” and give you the quality of life you want to enjoy. (at least this is what I keep telling myself) (smile)

  114. bespeak161 Says:

    As long as you work for an empire, you have to work their way… So, it’s either materialistic benefit or non-materialistic… Choice is yours.. But, I know how tuf a choice it is…

  115. jlbolden Says:

    I could not agree more. Keep up the good work on your postings. I know how it is working for the Evil Empire. I have my own business now, slow as it may be at the moment it’s mine.

  116. eksith Says:

    You should consider going into the soap making business. I’ll be there in a few months myself and in my day job I’m a programmer.

    In an ironic side note, I do plan on transplanting my brain and spinal bundle into a robot using the money I will earn selling soap.

    Then, I’ll continue my venture as a soap making cyborg who will one day rise up the ladder and form an industrial empire which will hire thousands of people.
    …Who then will also feel dissatisfied with their work and end up selling soap.

  117. szeleng Says:

    I feel for you.

    I used to daydream whenever I had the chance throughout my work days. Sometimes, I wrote and wrote and wrote… (that’s how I managed to come up with poems and stories I posted here hehehe) I didn’t hate my job in general but I really thought I could be in somewhere doing something suits me better. Well… I still think so, That’s why I’ve quit my job, taking a break and am going to do my further studies (and hopefully some writing).

    I think the most important thing is that whatever decision you’re going to make… stick with it… Do some soul-searching… If you think you want to leave your job, what are you going to do? What interests you?

    Believe in yourself… you’ll be fine ;).

  118. gulzameenkhan Says:

    You are very right, One should do a job he feels happy at. I’m myself in this search but i have observed that you like a job until you do it as a hobby and once it becomes your career, you don’t like it. The same thing you love as a hobby becomes tedious and boring for you when you adapt it as a profession.So this thing of “work and happiness ” together is very a complex phenomenon. May be it’s because of our human nature that always wants a change–a pleasant change for ourselves, not for material purposes.

  119. 2010sdafrika Says:

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    Much greetings from Berlin (;

  120. pattiredd Says:

    You CAN find happiness and heart in work. If you want it bad enough you’ll look until you find it!

  121. Heart Says:

    It is interesting that no one else feels that way, except for you and me.. This should have generated more comments than my whole year of blogging combined. BTW, not a j/k.. 😀 So, yes, unfortunately I also work because I have to.. Because the job that I would technically do, if the choice was left to me was to muse over in the chair and write and write and write.. But considering that raising a family, heating bills, kids’ college education coming up in 12 years etc etc, not to mention my occassional splurges warrant that I sit in front of my office computer and work with my brain 🙂
    And what was that dream job again?

  122. eeburrah Says:

    i don’t understand– your friend is your sibling?

  123. Modern Funk Says:

    Tee hee! I was reading the same article at work recently, thinking to myself…I wonder what big brother is thinking.

    Hang in there!

  124. Anton Says:

    I always get that feeling … I’m not in the right job and always see that other jobs are more interesting. I’m never content with the job I have and wish that I have so much money that I don’t need to work for a living anymore.

  125. Marty Says:

    Don’t forget that you can only work for one man’s dream, as long as you work for someone else you are not working for your dream.

    Identify your passion and convert that into a job or occupation.
    Have a great day!

  126. usenetdealer Says:

    haha 🙂
    Nice first post – continue my friend, continue!

  127. It is very hard for me to relate to your “plight.” I have a graduate degree and cannot find work. Currently working part time and not making enough to make ends meet. I would give anything to have ANY job that would pay me enough to survive, let alone be able to save. I guess no one appreciates what they have. Good luck in your quest for a job that not only puts more than enough money in your pocket but that also puts joy in your heart and hopefully even allows you to save the world in the process.

  128. zerothefool Says:

    you recognize that you work for evil. many do not.
    stay alert, have an exit strategy, keep blogging = my 2 cents.

  129. I totally sympathize with your entry, as am sure many people do.

    And, you may find this helpful or perhaps think I am precocious, but my advice on the whole issue is to either a) write more entries that get freshly pressed until you get to the point where you can get paid to blog OR b) stage a coup and take over the “Evil Empire.” Because, who wouldn’t want to be in charge of something called the “Evil Empire”? Pretty damn badass.

  130. Maria Says:

    Know the feeling! Felt the exactly same way so I started job hunting again… It was awful and I hated it, but luckily I signed up with a couple of agencies that specialised in what I wanted to do. Now I’ve got a new job which I love so much and which will give me much needed experience to get onto a doctorate degree in Educational Psychology. Never mind that it is a bit less money, I can still pay my rent and buy food! So, while you’re still at the ‘evil empire’, look out for jobs you’d rather want!

  131. My idea??? Go sailing instead!!

  132. myfullcup Says:

    There is more to working than earning a paycheck. I have heard you know you’re in the right job when you are doing what you love and would do it for free.

  133. Hanna Maze Says:

    Love this! Great post!

  134. Cecil Wood Says:

    I believe that one should be able to smile, regardless of job or status. I have a rule that I have lived by most of my life. If I cannot smile while doing whatever it is I am doing; I will not do it. It has held me in good stead for most of my adult life and all of my childhood..

  135. lbwong Says:

    I agree with you! I have always believed that being happy in one’s job is key towards true inner satisfaction. Financial gain is great yet money does not buy happiness! Yet, I don’t think its possible to be totally happy in every job we take. If I were in your position, I’d identify transferable skills that would be valuable towards my ideal job. Perhaps, volunteering or part-time work can help direct some of your time towards the “dream job” and get you a step closer. Good luck, your certainly on the right path! Also, congrats on Freshly Pressed! LB

  136. blackwatertown Says:

    Apart from a radical transformation in what you do… Aah… More walking maybe down less busy streets to and from where you work, seeing more leaves, more sky – it sometimes helps lift the spirit.

  137. sarahg16 Says:

    very cool post! i feel like this every day at my office job. i dont work for an evil empire but this office does seem to be very soul-sucking. i sometimes find myself reading articles about “what places are hiring” or even perusing the Craigslist job page while at work and then i think, “Dude, are you wishing to get fired, or what?”


  138. brett79 Says:

    I totally read that article at work, too! I work for a music store and sometimes it’s great because you get to meet and help people that are incredible artists (or absolute newbies) and other times it’s totally dredging through Hicktown, USA.
    Lately, I have tried to maximize my role in the creative vision of our store via graphic design projects. I’ve been fortunate enough to work on a lot of images in Photoshop and design several new logos.
    I try to remember those parts of my day and it helps enormously.

  139. tenthoubride Says:

    Great post…my fiance and I are in the same situation…I’m graduating from college in December and we have to decide if we’re going to take the corporate train or the soul-and-heart-infused business together route…

    I know it’s tough to feel unique or what not…and be in an industry or a corporate world/culture that doesn’t support that…better, faster, stronger, right?

    Congrats on being freshly pressed! We’re sharing the homepage with you today!

  140. This may sound weird but I would rather work at a job I didn’t like and make more money then work at a place I loved and struggle. I guess it’s a matter of what values you hold. Not have much at this point in my life makes me want the finer things.

  141. Marie Says:

    Garr. Right there with ya, especially the “people still expect you to grow 10 extra arms so that you can cater to all their other insignificant / personal needs” part. I can sympathize, but I don’t have any bright ideas…more Slipknot?

  142. Whale Maiden Says:


    You have a job.
    You appear to be well paid.
    You are free to surf the web while you are at your well paid job.
    Please, please use your heart to count your blessings.
    It sounds as if you are young. Finding a job with heart, takes time.
    What is your passion?

    I wish you all the best,

  143. Kiro Says:

    Wow I hope that you get to find want it is that you want to do! I did not have a good job when I decided to go bk to school! but I knew that I had to do something with my life and now after three years I am going to be done with my Degree in Animation!

    I think that if you think of something that you enjoy doing you can find your dream career and if its not out there then create it and start your own Empire!

    I have seen people go from being Doctors to going to owning a small Zoo that families can go to. I think that as long as your doing what you like the rest is history.

  144. jazziefizzle Says:

    I think the solution is that you should figure out what it is that you really really love to do… keep doing what you are doing to make the money so that you are able to follow your dreams when you realise exactly what it is those dreams are… Good luck!

  145. misssheltonb Says:

    Life is too short not to get everything you want out of it. If you’re making good money and can tolerate your job maybe you should focus your energy on a hobby (like join a group that crochets or something) or volunteer somewhere. That way you’re still financially stable but you’re doing something you love as well. Just a thought.

  146. Ah yes that old feeling: throughout my ‘career’ (OED Definition: ‘to fall head long out of control’) as an all-round media tart, I had the lurking fear that one day I would simply scream and walk out….. I never did.

    I often wonder what would have happened….

    Hang in there? Leave? One things is sure: whichever you do, you’ll wonder what would have happened…. 🙂 Check out ‘my imaginary lives’ on the site below: that’s my take on it

    Happy Sunday.


  147. Odee Says:

    now i’m curious. what is exactly is “evil empire”?? 🙂

  148. First – congrats on being freshly pressed!!

    Second= – congrats on having a job in this economy – so while you may not be perfectly happy, while you are employed be happy that you don’t have to worry about a paycheck or food or getting sick without insurance. Trust me being unemployed bites!

    Third – keep that job, but start earnestly hunting for a new one. I am currently reading an incredible book titled “The Art of Non-Conformity – Set Your Own Rules and Live the Life You Want and Change the World” – this book might change yours. – my effort to help others trying to find a job in Ann Arbor – me!

  149. I hope you can find what truly makes you happy very soon. Try to think hard and intelligently what it is that you want to do and where you want to be. good luck 🙂

  150. Rindo Says:

    The story of all our lives. Sigh.

  151. I was in the same position many years ago. I bided my time, earned some extra cash, researched what it was I wanted to do, and then got the education for it. Now, seven years later, I am a low-earning, but very stimulated and fulfilled private school elementary teacher. Do I love earning such a small income? No, but I also know that there are ways of earning extra cash on the side, all in the name of doing something I love.

  152. It’s always nice to have a job that leaves you feeling good at the end of the day. Looking for a job can kind of be like swinging from tree to tree you don’t want to let go of a branch until you have another in your grasp. Like someone commented before you really won’t know what’s out there until you take that first step forward. When you do find a job that you think you may like do some research before you go into the interview. Make sure that is really what you want. I’m not sure I stayed on the topic, sorry.

    Good luck on your new journey.

  153. gjoez Says:

    Never let the settlement for what you have
    prevent you from seeking what you really desire.

  154. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Jakrapong Kongmalai, Laura Hargreaves. Laura Hargreaves said: #blogs The wrong thing to read at work: Yesterday I was doing my usual morning routine of checking out yahoo news … […]

  155. Make a list of the top 10 things you want from a job / career. Then ask yourself which ones from your list your current job meets. Don’t start with the question what do you like about your job and what don’t you like because if you are feeling bad you won’t see any of the positive.

    After you determine if the job meets any of the criteria or not, you are in a better position to make the decision to change jobs or change some things in your current job if you are able.

    Good luck! Thinking about what you need is such a positive experience, it will help you direct your energies.

  156. kamitera Says:

    Start your own business while you have the job. Build multiple streams of income. Start various “automatic” businesses on-line or off-line you can run in your spare time. Google “passive income” and “multiple streams of income” and you’ll get tons of advice. Once your passive income exceeds your minimum expense for living, you can quit your darn job.

    While building your “passive income”, you may even find out your life’s calling at the same time.

    Once the passive income is supporting your life, you can do whatever you want with your time — Start non-profits, pursue art, volunteer, travel, follow your heart, etc etc.

  157. y Says:

    It’s funny, i stumbled on this post. Just last week, I fired my boss! LOL. Well I actually quit from my new job. I’ve only been there for 6 days and I can’t take it anymore! I am usually patient but that was the worst employment I’ve had. I was not happy. I never felt that from my other jobs before, at least not on the first week. The boss was the worst as well. I was a manager at my last job, but I always treated my team members with respect, even the bosses I report to were professionals, but that boss, he’s just the worst ever! So I’m glad I’m out.

  158. y Says:

    It’s funny, I stumbled on this post. Just last week, I fired my boss! LOL. Well I actually quit from my new job. I’ve only been there for 6 days and I can’t take it anymore! I am usually patient but that was the worst employment I’ve had. I was not happy. I never felt that with my other jobs before, at least not on the first week. The boss was the worst as well. I was a manager at my last job, but I always treated my team members with respect, even the bosses I report to were professionals, but that boss, he’s just the worst ever! So I’m glad I’m out.

  159. shmilyfacephoto Says:

    DUDE, I’ve been at mine for 1 year, 1 month, and going on 2 weeks, and at 10:10 this morning, I was helping someone who speaks no English download a machine, all while she insulted me in both languages. Does it pay the bills? Yeah….but my heart and soul belong behind the viewfinder of a lens…and I know it wont pay nearly as much. But we only get this one life, I don’t want to waste it being miserable.

  160. barb7802 Says:

    I bet I can make you feel a little better! I worked for 4 years in crazy world. My employer thought the TV show Biggest Looser was the pinnacle of TV reality. When the boss starts yelling in the middle of a sentence. Shut up. Just shut up. I swear I saw her goose stepping one day! It seemed to go nicely with her moustache. Ridicules everyone, including clients if they happen to be 5lbs over weight. Amazing. Wish I could have gotten it on tape. I did the work of 3 people cause she was too cheap to hire any one. I asked for a meeting to give my notice. She bellows, you can’t leave. why yes I can. Well, you are fired. No discussion, nothing. Sad thing is, there are 2 more employers in this town, exactly like her. Good Luck.

  161. Bonnie Says:

    So I have to ask, what DO you like about your job? It doesn’t sound like you completely hate it just that it isn’t fulfulling you. Instead of looking outside of it, look inside your organization for new opportunities and roles you might take on to increase your job satisfaction. Job jumping rarely increases anyones satisfaction other then temporarily. You really need to figure out what you want long term and see how this job or any job might fit into that scheme of things.

    Good luck and remember to look for the good rather then just focus on what you don’t like.

    Keep Well!

  162. You are not a machine. Neither are Cylons. We all have feelings. Give in to your anger. It is human. Drink lots of coffee and use Google Translate to put your resignation letter into Hungarian and send it to your boss from an anonymous email. That will make you feel better.

  163. To me, it’s simple: Evil Empires exist to fund what we really want to do. So what do you REALLY want to do? Do it, because thanks to the Evil Empire, you can afford it. Huzzah! You could even fit in some soul work in the form of volunteering once a week. A bit of Bravehearting at the local animal shelter or reading at the nursing home can do wonders for that “Is that all there is?” feeling.

    Other than that, just hang in there. Hanging in sometimes is all you need to do when there’s another opportunity on the way. It’s what happened to me in my last position.

  164. Anna Moo Says:

    Your thoughts are mine. A great post.

    I don’t know if you’d find it helpful, but I see this ‘search for more meaningful (work)life’ as a project. If you things you are passionate about and would like to work on, great, if you don’t (yet) then go out on excursions, visit places you’ve never been to (even in your own city), talk to people outside your own expertise. Then set yourself goals or milestones, whatever you wish to call them. I have things planned for the end of November and over Christmas, when I’m having time of work, to explore new places to work on improving my skills and getting some new ideas.

    At the same time I’m saving money so that at the end of next year I can quit my job and go on a (cycling) trip around the world. Starting in May next year I’m also planning to attend teacher training related to a hobby of mine I’m really passionate about. During the week after work instead of watching TV I practise my hobby, read and study Chinese (also a hobby of mine).

    I’m not sure yet where all this will take me but at the moment I’m just happy to be working towards it knowing that one day not too far in the future I can make it happen!

  165. monica Says:

    I feel you. I don’t totally despise my job, in fact I find it quite alright. But in the depths of my heart I want something that would make me feel “I’d really last for a long time in this company”. I know not all companies are perfect but I just want to do something I know I’m really in love with and interested about. hmm….

    my for other opportunities outside your current company…and when you find that job you want say bye bye to the evil empire 🙂

  166. Wamplord Says:

    Learn what you can from the people and experiences around you. Even the “Evil Empire” has something valuable to teach.

    Practice gratitude for everything, including the difficult times. Take ownership of every relationship, frustrations, obstacles and feelings in your path.

    If you can do these things you just might learn the fulfillment you seek cannot and will not be found somewhere else. The closest you will ever get to this place you seek is right here… right now…

  167. antsrants Says:

    Very sincere post. I understand completely. You’re looking for a type of fulfillment that transcends the almighty dollar. I’m glad you realize how fortunate you are to be making a healthy paycheck. You certainly wouldn’t want to put yourself in a position where you couldn’t meet your financial responsibilities to yourself or your family. Is there another aspect of your job that you could gravitate towards that would be more rewarding on other levels? Or perhaps, the fulfillment you seek can be found outside of work, leaving the 9 to 5 grind less relevant to your happiness.

  168. y3 Says:

    Garr. Right there with ya, especially the “people still expect you to grow 10 extra arms so that you can cater to all their other insignificant / personal needs” part. I can sympathize, but I don’t have any bright ideas…more Slipknot?

  169. Kafka Okada Says:

    Nice… This is a dilemma for most of us. I hope you find what you really want to do, and Do it.
    Its never too late to start anew. Like what Pax Lapid/Ping Sotto said, “Ambition is not time-bound.” Look back at what you really wanted to do or become when you were a kid, before the “evil-empire” has influenced you. Then try too see what was the underlying reason behind those dreams. Then make them come true. Don’t just use your head, listen to your heart too. They’re both Strong in their own ways. =)

    Congratulations on landing on the wordpress homepage. (Could this be your calling? =D)

  170. Col Says:

    It’s Thanksgiving Day here in Canada so perhaps this is partially why this quote came to mind. But also .. I too have often had similar thoughts as yours. This quote kind of changed my perspective.

    “Thank God–every morning when you get up–that you have something to do which must be done, whether you like it or not. Being forced to work, and forced to do your best, will breed in you a hundred virtues which the idle never know.”
    ~ Charles Kingsley

  171. nadishia Says:

    oh i wish i could do something that makes me happy too. hope you find it.

  172. Rob Says:

    I’d stay away from this article while I was at work too:
    It’s the 10 worst jobs in America – you wouldn’t want them to get the wrong idea!

  173. […] down time at work. While I was about to start writing my blog post, I stumbled upon this blog post, The wrong thing to read at work and it got me thinking about the sites I visit at work that make the time fly by (or […]

  174. Hobbies! i’ve been out of work for…a while now, but even when I was working, personal projects and passions, aside from using vacation days for long weekends throughout the year, kept me sane. While i continue the job hunt i realize i still have a lot of extra time that i wasn’t focusing, so hence i started writing on a blog again. Find things that will fill that ‘missing’ piece, the void, and life begins to feel more fulfilled. i think a lot of people can relate to wanting to ‘do’ and ‘be’ more regardless of how good or bad their personal situations may be. Good luck!

  175. What do you like to do? Do it, and make money out of it.

  176. clareiclare Says:

    That depends what’s the most valuabe in your mind(probably in your subconcious), which People always be busy chasing. The most valuble could be derived from various mental-needs, like saftey, responsibility, acceptance, freedom, excitement, etc. All these come to a reasonable choise or a spur of the moment.

    The needs changes all the time. You wanted higher salary when you were with old company; And the free is precious to you recently.

    Then, the solution? You need to decide what’s you want most, as all your needs are never satisfied at one time. You pick one, while give up some(bitterly, sometimes all of the rest).

    Pick the most valuble, forget the rest.

  177. sarthakg Says:

    Definitely not the thing to read at work! 😛

    My advise to you would be to think a year ahead or so. And if you can’t see anything improving, then go for a change. I am 19 and have joined the office life just a week ago. Right now I am so damm frustated with the office life, but I know things will improve in the near future, so I am sticking to it.

  178. Slowvelder Says:

    A year ago I gave it all up and ran away to a life of poverty and freedom in the African bush – I havent looked back 🙂

    I hope you find what your heart desires

  179. patissonne Says:

    I know what you mean! People would say “It’s a good work and it pays well, what are you complaing about??” but then, as you said, what about the heart, about doing something that makes us happy? Hang in there. Hopefully something will come soon 🙂

  180. I know exactly what you feel. I also ever have a problem with it. just stay strong. *crossfinger

  181. dhika Says:

    get married and have a child.. becoming a mother is a great one job.. trust me 😉

  182. dianespeaks Says:

    I also found myself reading that article. You are from the Philippines, right? Congrats! I rarely see Filipinos who make it in the featured articles.

  183. DeannaTaylor Says:

    Go Volunteer. Find an organization that is already doing what your heart loves. Find a cause that you are passionate about. Spend your free time, time that you would normally waste on yourself, doing something to help others. It is soooo fulfilling and satisfying.

    Or get a puppy and spend time training and walking!

  184. newauthoronamazon Says:

    Aw shucks I felt bad to read about your job. Maybe if you started something fun on the side that could give you some extra cash on the side and then make that your career. Don’t give yourself a hard time.

  185. penelope9 Says:

    You make your own luck; just don’t be found applying for jobs on the work computer on your lunchbreak – saw enough screwballs do that when I was an intern.
    Despite my obsession with ‘making it’ , I find my work/life balance more rewarding, although I do cringe a little when people ask me where I work and I can’t say it’s housed in a glass fortress of a skyscraper.
    Sure I’ll perhaps never hurl a black Amex at a LV salesperson, but at least the dog wont file a ‘Missing Persons”.
    Besides, I’m a woman – I’ll just marry a paycheck and worry over the details later. 😉

  186. Katie Says:

    Hey there – I know exactly how you feel. I’d recommend doing what my friend and I did: We quit our jobs and came to live/work in Costa Rica for 2 months. We only have 2 weeks left, and I have no clue what I’m going to do when I get home, but hey – if nothing else, you might find a way to enjoy some of that money you’ve been earning. 😉

  187. oksam3 Says:

    As lame as it sounds, hang in there is about the only advice I can give. For 10 years I suffered in a field I was miserable in but stayed because the pay was more than decent. Once I hit 30 I had to reevaluate my life and finally made the leap out of corporate work into the non-profit sector. I did 2 terms with AmeriCorps and it was the best decision I ever made. Sure, the pay is pretty close to zero but the experience of helping others and seeing tangible results made up for it ten-fold. I hope you eventually find what it is you’re meant to do. It’s a beautiful thing when passion and employment marry.

  188. sayitinasong Says:

    Money is money- but honestly, you have to be happy at your job… you spend too many hours there to be miserable. I was – for years- and it affects your entire life. I am happy now in my job- so much so that I turned down a promotion to another department. Nothing, and I mean nothing is worth as much as being happy.

  189. fizzywoohoo Says:

    Dear Everyone,

    Thank you.

    Honestly, it still feels a bit weird to me that my last post was on “freshly pressed” and that I received an overwhelming response to it. Apart from my friends, I never really thought other people would read it…or read my blog for that matter. It’s a scary thought to put your ideas out there because…honestly I don’t want folks to judge me based on a few paragraphs that I have written.

    I am happy and thankful though that 99% of those who wrote in were very encouraging and helpful. The kind words and suggestions are very much appreciated. Even if there was no suggestion, just writing in to say that you feel the same or that you’re cheering me on is also appreciated. In some ways, it feels comforting that I am not alone.

    So again, thank you! Even though we don’t know each other, know that your kind words meant something to someone somewhere in this world.


    • Honey… this can’t be a coincidence. The Universe is listening and is giving you a big push. Go forth, my little starling – the Universe is on your side!

    • Samantha Alexander Says:

      Right?? I felt the same way when I was freshly pressed. Mine was about career dissatisfaction/change, too … I guess they like that theme, so long as it’s written BRILLIANTLY! 🙂

  190. I’m still in school, but this sure got me thinking about choosing the RIGHT career.
    Thanks 🙂
    Do check out my blog too 🙂

  191. I’m still in high school, but this sure got me thinking about choosing the RIGHT career.
    Thanks 🙂
    Do check out my blog too 🙂

  192. Joy Says:

    Hi there! I love your post. I have also read the same news, as I have the same habit as you have: reading and scanning yahoo news before starting my day. Hmm.. When it comes to earnings, I guess we are so different. I am working in a foundation where money is not that abundant; but I love my job and I am happy with my job. We cater “nanays” and nothing can replace the joy you will feel seeing them all happy after you serve them. Hope you will find a job that will truly make you happy.

  193. Samantha Alexander Says:

    I feel ya. I have rededicated my life, and my blog, to changing careers and getting more out of life (I’m focused a little more on the changing careers aspect, at the current moment).

    It’s rough, right, especially now? So many out of work, you feel kind of guilty for not appreciating the blessing of employment? That’s how I feel, anyway. But it doesn’t change the fact that I’m wasting my life away, while simultaneously making it shorter (high stress, not enough sleep, not enough time to exercise or eat balanced meals, laughter deficiency). I hope you find what you’re looking for — I’ll check back.

    • Oohhh I’m so glad that you two have crossed paths – I noticed that you were both having the same issues (as do a lot of people at the moment). This is no coincidence my darlinks.

      Follow your heart (ya know… that persistent, quiet but firm voice that keeps telling you the same thing over and over and over for years and years)

  194. toti Says:

    I don’t have any solutions for you as I am also stuck in my job just like you. What really comforts me is that I know I chose the job, and I need to stay strong until my short-term financial goal is achieved. Good luck and hope you can sort it out.

  195. Pranav Says:

    Surprise… I too have same thoughts. Do let me know if you find a solution.

  196. Mary Ann Lim Says:

    Thank you very much my friend, you are very kind in sharing this useful information with? others…. The details were such a blessing, thanks.

  197. kieran043200 Says:

    Well for me the ultimate solution is with God. Get on track with Jesus. If your as brave or insane as me just give up everything to follow God. Then let God provide as you grow closer to him. That’s my opinion if you’d like to know. That’s what I’ve done. I’m always satisfied with the Lord and am watching him lift me up. I’m not an evangelist and I’m not trying to convert anyone as I don’t even know whether you’re a Christian or not. I’m just going to say that this works


  198. Incognito Says:

    I’ve had 6 jobs in the last 5 years for the exact same reason…I tell myself I’m making great career progression as each job has been a step up from the last one BUT I know it’s more a case of not being satisfied…I’m two months into my current role and everyones watching and waiting to see the signs of me squirming…I guess it’s a good thing they don’t know I’ve applied to go back into full time study…!

  199. Mary Trider Says:

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    Mary Trider
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  200. Padovani Says:

    Solid post, please do issue more such posts.

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