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Oh no she didn’t!….Ah, but yes I did! September 24, 2010

I have officially gone to the point of no return.  Here is proof that I am indeed riding the hallyu wave…

Oh Joy!

I’ve recently purchased these two babies right here…on the left is the OST (2) to the drama “He’s Beautiful” and on the right is Super Junior’s latest album “Bonamana”.  I can’t understand a single thing of course…except for the occasional “baby”, “girl”, “yeah”…and a few simple Korean words I’ve learned from watching my dramas…but I’m loving it just the same. They don’t come cheap by the way…especially the soundtrack…but it came with some very pretty, pretty pictures from the series, not to mention drool worthy photos of the male leads so it’s all good!

Oh and I just want to add….the senti songs on that ost are to die for! Love!  Love!  Love!


7 Responses to “Oh no she didn’t!….Ah, but yes I did!”

  1. lanilakwatsera Says:

    Oh no, you didn’t!!!
    You are OFFICIALLY part of the Hallyu wave my friend!

    So, are the albums any good? What can you say about the OST? Did you purchased them online???

    • fizzywoohoo Says:

      No I didn’t get them online..ako pa! Engeng ako when it comes to buying stuff online! The SuJu album I bought at Sm…I had to figure it out pa kasi ang daming kinds of packaging! Eh I wanted the re-issued version kasi it has more songs…in particular habol ko yung “No Other”. The ost naman is the one we were talking about na worth P850 sa odyssey…lumalabas na more than P100 and isang kanta haha! But I love it..and pramis, ang galing talaga nilang gumawa ng senti songs. I can’t understand it pero may longing ako to memorize the lyrics so that I can sing it on my own.

      Ok…kulang na lang bilhin ko si Pig-Rabbit! (actually, merong mga pinoy na nagbebenta dito…you just have to contact them directly lang…at mahal din sha! so I’m rethinking it.)


  2. lanilakwatsera Says:

    There is a PIG-RABBIT????
    I’d like to buy one for the Hubby cos that’s what he calls me “pig-rabbit”….

    Bow ako sayo Fizzy…. Bow!

    Yeah, they are really good in writing ballads. As in, you’ll feel like a part of you is tearing…
    Effective!!!! 🙂

  3. ylbnoel Says:

    am just reacting to the killer quote; very nice. Without asking, I know you’re looking forward to HP7 🙂 happy viewing !

  4. zoekinowbee Says:

    FIZZ! haha. favorite ko dati yung Without Words. HAHAHA. anyhoo, you have a nice blog. i envy you. -zoe

    • fizzywoohoo Says:

      Zoe! Thanks for visiting! Zoekenowbee??? Don’t tell me you’re a star wars fan too! I hope it’s a yes, because I’m one too!!! You’re always welcome here on my blog so drop in anytime. Hey, why don’t you start your own?! Masaya din..just don’t let a lot of people at work know–in the off chance that you’d write about some work related stuff someday hehe!

      • zoekinowbee Says:

        aaaww not a starwars fan eh. gawa lang ng isa kong friend yung zoekinowbee. haha.

        and btw, i bought TVXQ CDs the other day. LOL. and i still can’t believe i did it…HAHAHA oh well papel…

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