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Super weekend! September 20, 2010


One of the best things that I enjoyed this past weekend was finally finishing (with proper subtitles!) the drama He’s Beautiful!  I did mention a while back that my copy had wonky subs towards the end which made my viewing of the last few eps very annoying.  I tried watching it over on but they’ve been having site problems recently so the loading of the videos was pretty slow.  I’ve been trying for 2 weeks now but to no avail.

But yesterday, choirs of A.N.Jells (haha!!!) were practically singing in my heart and the mighty DSL gods were smiling down upon me because the video loading on the site was super fast!  I was able to finish the last 2 eps in no time…actually “no time” really means 3 hours because I kept rewinding/repeating the scenes which were *kilig*.  (I mean, how can I not when the internet was so kind to me?)

I loved it!  It’s now one of my favorite dramas.  It’s right up there with Boys Over Flowers and Hana Yori Dango!  And just what I wrote on facebook: I now like byeulls (stars) and dweji tokki (pig rabbit) even more.  Yeppuda! (It’s beautiful)

The other reason for my super weekend came in the form of Korea’s biggest (literally & figuratively) idol group, Super Junior.

Who's who? I'm still working on that!

Honestly, I haven’t been a fan for long–I’m still learning about them and their songs.  Even though I wanted to see them when they came over last April for their Super Show 2 tour, I didn’t really exert any efforts in doing so. 

However, since the release of their 4th album, Bonamana, I’ve been noticing that my eyes & ears are glued to the tv whenever the video comes on.  And this past weekend–and most of the weekends that came before it–I’ve found myself googling them and watching their videos on youtube.  I’m particularly addicted to watching their appearances on the Korean show Star King with Charice Pempengco.  It’s like a double whammy–I’m watching Charice…and I’m watching them watch Charice! 

Like I said, I’m still a newbie fan and I’m still learning their songs.  Hey, they’ve got more members than Slipknot alright, so I’m still working on matching their names and faces.  They’ve got 13 members…but only 10 are currently active.  As of now, my name-face recognition is up to 8!–Hee Chul, Ryeo


2 Responses to “Super weekend!”

  1. Hee, thanks to your post, I’ve found that Bonamana it’s in fact a catchy song.

    …Even I don’t have a clue what the heck they’re saying! XD

    • fizzywoohoo Says:

      Thanks for stumbling upon this post! I don’t speak Korean too. I actually love rock but I’ve been listening to a lot of Kpop recently. I know there’s an english translation to Bonamana..I googled it one time so at least I know what the song is about. It really is catchy! I listen to it all the time. haha!

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