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KPOP! September 9, 2010

In celebration of my new found love for Kpop, allow me to share with you–yes, all 4 of you who I’m pretty sure regularly read my blog–the songs that I’m absolutely loving right now.  I swear, when these videos pop up on Ch. V or tvN or on the Arirang Ch., I’m stuck on the tv like a baby mesmerized by the mobile hanging above her crib…or someone watching a fireworks display…or a crack addict mesmerized by pretty, pretty images…that aren’t really there! Take your pick.
1.  Super Junior – Bonamana
First up is a song I cannot get enough of.  I watch it on tv, wait for it on tvN, view it on youtube…and when I finally have the chance to upload it on my ipod, I’m quite sure I’ll watch it there too.  I also happen to have an mp3 of this song on my work pc!  I love the beat of this song–makes me wanna get up and dance along with SuJu!  Honestly, I’m still having trouble naming them though.  I only know 3–Si Won, Shin Dong and Ryu Wook.  But I shall not fret!  If I can name all Slipknot members, as God is my witness, sooner or later you can pop quiz me on SuJu as well.  Until then…let’s dance! Bounce to you…bounce to you…
2.  MBLAQ – Y
I’ve always liked videos with some sort of storyline concept…pair that with a pretty cool dance beat and I’m sold!  I read somewhere that this song was originally supposed to appear on Rain’s newest album…but he gave it instead to his proteges, MBLAQ.  He did however, produce and choreograph this song/video ( according to that article).  Plus, I’m rooting for these guys too because their member, Thunder (Cheon Doong) is the younger brother of Sandara Park.
3.  FT Island – Flower Rock  (note: I’m tying these 2 songs in for no. 3 all because of Lee Hong Ki!)
Let’s rock, shall we?
I love the way Lee Hong Ki sings!  I think he’s awesome.  I’m a rock fan so I’m happy to have discovered FT Island from among the Kpop Idol groups–nothing wrong with the idol groups though–it’s just that it’s quite refreshing to see an idol group with their own instruments.
3.1  Lee Hong Ki / Still/As Ever
This song is from the soundtrack of the drama “He’s Beautiful/You’re Beautiful”.
When FT Island came over to Manila earlier this year, they performed this song on a show called “Showtime”.  I didn’t know who they were  then but at that time I was already starting to get into Korean dramas and listen to kpop so…When their performance was nearing, I left my work desk and deliberately passed by the dressing room where they were staying–fyi, I work for the tv station that broadcasts showtime and other korean dramas–There were quite a number of fans outside the dressing room but I did catch a quick glimpse of Lee Hong Ki’s beautiful blond head of hair.  Naturally with that color, it’ll surely stand out.  I was starstruck even if I had no idea who he was.  God…if I knew then that a few months later I would be gushing over him as Jeremy in “He’s Beautiful”…I would’ve elbowed my way through the crowd towards him!  Alas, I didn’t seize the day, so I’m sure you’ll understand that there’s a slight “ouch” that I feel in my heart when I watch this..*sniff*

4.  SS501 – Love Ya
Kim Hyun Joong is in this group…enough said!  Haha!  I’m really glad that I watched him when he performed here a few months back.  Sometimes I forget that he’s an awesome dancer because I always think of him as the quiet Yoon Ji-Hoo from Boys Over Flowers…Oh but lord help me when he starts busting those moves!  Plus, the video’s quite stylish.  It’s always a cool thing when classical instruments are added to spice up a song from a genre it’s not usually used in.  And have I mentioned that Kim Hyun Joong is in this group?!  Oh I did already? Oops…
5.  Jang Geun Suk – Magic Drag
Ok fine.  I’ll admit it…I love Jang Geun Suk!  What else is there to say? Haha.  Honestly, like all of the songs on this list, it sounds pretty cool and upbeat and yes…I shamelessly rewind his “rap” part when I view this on youtube.  *swoon*  When I showed this to my friend Ava, the first thing she told me was, “He’s prettier than the girl in the video!”…and quite frankly, I do agree with her.
Honorable mention:
1.  2PM – Fly to Seoul
Ok, I’m not really sure if this should count because the video was obviously made to invite tourists to come and visit Korea…but yes I must admit that the message and the song works…I want to fly there…right now.  Seriously..right now!
2.  2NE1 – I don’t care
Honestly, there’s not that many girl groups/girl artists that I listen to.  It’s not a prejudiced thing…it’s just that I like listening to dudes and I have yet to come across a female artist that has ever made me stop and pay attention and this is true across the board–locally and internationally.  I think I can count with 1 hand the number of cds I own that’s by a solo female artist or female group…1 hand, I promise!
But 2NE1 gets special mention here because I really think this song is pretty cute (oh and “fire” too!).  Plus the fact that Sandara’s career began here.  Hard to believe she just won second place in that talent competition huh?  Look where she is now.
There you have it…my top 5 kpop songs of the moment.  I really can’t offer you four (yes, you four who regularly read me) any amazing factoids about the groups I’ve mentioned because I’m still learning about them myself.  I’m not a hater so I don’t enjoy reading stories about fans hating other fans for not liking their idol groups…or arguing who’s more amazing.
Friends, you know me…I’ve always had music in my life and this wonderful thing called kpop is just another fun & enjoyable addition to my varying spectrum of musical tastes.  Yes, Slipknot, Incubus, Oasis on one end, The Smiths somewhere in the middle and Kpop on the other end.  Somewhere in between all those is Beyonce & Lady Gaga!
all videos courtesy of youtube! thanks!


4 Responses to “KPOP!”

  1. Svannah Says:

    I love Korea. I lived in Seoul for 5 years and absolutely loved it. Seeing anyting about Korea makes me so happy and excited and completely miss it. Never got to see Japan but I’m sure it would be just as great!!

    P.S. I like your blog! 🙂

    • fizzywoohoo Says:

      Thanks Svannah for dropping by my blog. I’ve only started getting into this whole “crazy about Korea” thing last December when a friend introduced me to watching Koreanovelas. They’re pretty addicting. =) Wow, you lived in Korea! That’s awesome…was it for work? for studying?

      And thanks for liking my blog…I never really thought other people, besides my friends would read it…hahaha…

  2. vianne0519 Says:

    why don’t you try DBSK?

    they’re really great!

    • fizzywoohoo Says:

      Hi Vianne..thanks for dropping by. I’ve heard of DBSK…aren’t they in the same agency as Super Junior? Though I don’t hear much about them nowadays…something about a lawsuit? I’ll check out your link…thanks!

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