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Yes! Yess!! Nooo!!! September 6, 2010

It’s been another roller coaster week. In between trying to get my bosses their German Visas and our bedroom still looking like a warzone because of the paint & dust…I’m both feeling tired & eager for this week to come & go.  And since I haven’t written anything in a while, allow me to rant & rave on this one.  I will classify them under: “yes”, “yess” and “nooo”.
  • I’ve recently had my hair cut short again.  I’ve been trying to grow it long for the past few months–was quite successful at it I might add but last thursday, I’ve finally had it.  So I spent some time googling at work *cough*duringofficehours*cough* for some nice looking short hair cuts.  I compiled some photos and trooped on over to Freshaire at Farmers Cubao & told the nice lady to chop it off.  It was much shorter than I expected but I loved it just the same.  I will definitely keep my hair like this for a while.
  • Finally had the chance to return to my mecca…ie. recto… this past saturday.  I had to return a copy which wasn’t playing on our machine Vaness Wu’s “Autumn Concerto” and I also bought my own copy of “He’s Beautiful”.  Last August 27, I mentioned how nucking futs I am over this drama and…wait…hold on…just checking…and yes, as of today, I’m still loving it!  I don’t want to give you any ideas but I think it would be great if I were caught with a hidden camera while watching this one…because I definitely smile from ear to ear and of course I get “kilig” at the right moments!  Proof that this is a nice drama?  My friend Ava, who is usually not a koreanovela watcher–actually bought her own copy & finished it in about 2 days–as opposed to me who’s still trying to finish it! So to my fellow addict, this one’s for you:

  • And check this out–our tickets to Rain’s concert this saturday!  It’s not like Willy Wonka’s  golden ticket or even the mosh pit (mosh pit? at Rain’s concert?!)–that very special section where you’ll have a greater chance of having Rain’s sweat accidentally land on you but at least it’ll get us inside the venue.  Kris was just telling me recently, “Rain’s abs alone are worth the price of your ticket.” hahaha!


  • So for the longest time there was this debacle of whether Rain really was coming here or not. A friend was telling me that his official fan club here in manila was not informed (which I think upset them) that he had already confirmed or something like that. Well, it’s all good now because here is actual proof that Rain has landed in Manila:
  • Another event worthy of my raving is the first birthday party of Mico–my friend’s son, this past saturday. It was held at Mc Donald’s Tiendesitas & most of the gang was there to celebrate & enjoy. Honestly, I found the weather so awfully humid–which even gave me a headache on the way home–but having the chance to spend some time with my ex-officemates & their little bundles of joy, was so worth it. Maraming salamat, piglets!
  • Ok, so yesterday I happily popped in my copy of He’s Beautiful & started watching.  As soon as I got to episode 13 (unlucky 13 I might add!) *GASP* the subtitles started getting all wonky on me! Nooo!!! This can’t be! Not again! (this happened before with my other dramas) The powers that be were having their fun with me again–just when I am loving a certain drama & am almost nearing the ending, *BAM* alien subtitles appear which makes it so hard to stay focused & enjoy myself.  I mean, what happened? Everything was perfectly fine from the beginning but as soon as ep 13 starts, it’s all downhill from there. It’s like all of a sudden the person responsible for making the subtitles resigned & gave the work to someone who cannot even get the character’s names right! So there I was…deflated & disappointed…I ended up going back to

video link courtesy of


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