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I wish it would RAIN soon… August 18, 2010

This was posted by my good friend Ava on my facebook wall…

Could it be? Is this for real? Is it really going to “rain” on our shores this coming September? Pardon the pun…I just couldn’t resist.

Ever since Super Junior, probably considered by many as the biggest Korean idol group out there, performed at the Araneta Coliseum last April, a slew of other idol groups followed. I figured it wouldn’t be long before someone would try and bring Rain over as well. Of all the Korean acts, I think Rain is the most well known. On a showbiz program over at the Arirang Channel, they call him a “world star”–praising their fellow countryman for making his name known across Asia and even breaking into the American market.

I knew of Rain a few years back when I saw his early videos on Channel V and then later on seeing him in the drama “Full House”.  But funny enough, the American market is exactly where I first started paying attention to Rain…thanks to my favorite political satirist Stephen Colbert!  Rain started getting on Stephen’s nerves when he won Time Magazine’s Most Influencial Person of the Year award back in 2008.  This didn’t sit well with Mr. Colbert (who finished third on the list) so he kept “attacking” Rain on “The Colbert Report”, eventually challenging him to a “dance-off”. Surprisingly, Rain did show up for the challenge and left Stephen in a pile of Dance Dance Revolution rubble before driving off into the night in his fancy sports car. That was one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen on tv and my hats off to both Rain and Stephen! Hmm I wonder if there’s any chance of another dance off soon?

colbert_report_-_rain_dance-off.php –>watch!

Anyway, back to Rain in manila…

Sadly though, despite this being posted over at, I’ve been hearing reports that there has been no confirmation yet from Rain’s people. I guess we’ll just have to wait & see over the next few weeks if September will bring us some sunny weather or if we’ll all be drenched in some Rain. (there’s that pun again!)

Personally, I’m hoping for the latter & I’ll make sure to leave my umbrella at home.


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One Response to “I wish it would RAIN soon…”

  1. missteam Says:

    glad to meet “rain” here, as far as I know he was filming(runaway) in Macau now.

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