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Anniversary August 3, 2010

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August 03, 2010. Tuesday.

Today marks my first year anniversary of working for The Evil Empire. Please note that the “Evil Empire” reference came from my sister’s friend who used to work here. I don’t want you getting an image in your head of folks dressed up as Clones or Storm Troopers and the bosses wear all black, breathing heavily underneath their helmets… I’ve now come to think of it as my term of endearment for my company. Looking back I can still recall what I wore on my first day and the nervousness that I felt as I took each step away from my home and towards my new workplace.

It truly is an empire in every sense of the word. This place generates so much money that the value is absolutely obscene! One year on, I’m still amazed at what this company can do and how much they can affect and change the lives of others–whether one would consider it positive or negative. My friends have also noticed a particular change in me since I started working here–I’m now officially addicted to Asianovelas–particularly those from Korea & Japan.  Hmm…I wonder if they already know that I’ve started listening to K-pop as well?

As for my work, there are things here that I do that I’ve never been given the chance to do in my previous work. In a way, it’s such a good feeling when you achieve things that initially you thought you couldn’t. Grabe, kaya ko pala! Of course, the learning never stops so hopefully I’ll do an even better job in the future.

Singit lang…would you believe these people made me dance…twice!…in front of people I hardly knew…to music I definitely do not listen to?!

I really am very thankful and grateful that I’ve been given this opportunity to work here. Yes, I still miss my old friends from my previous job…but I’ve come to terms with that by realizing that they’re still my friends and they’re not going anywhere.

Now, if you’ll excuse me…I have a new drama to fuss over…Vaness Wu’s Autumn Concerto!


One Response to “Anniversary”

  1. kristeta Says:

    in fer… VANESS!!!

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