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Loving the old house July 16, 2010

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Our humble abode was built in 1967.  It was the 2nd house built on our block and it was the third house my maternal family has lived in: their first house was in Singalong, the second was in the scout area and now, Xavierville…the place I’ve called home since 1977.


Over the years we’ve never really made any major remodelling.  It was first repainted when I was in high school and now, we’re repainting it again.

My friends have always admired how we have so many antiques and old stuff at home.  Some are just lying around as displays and decor…some are stowed away in our basement.  Even my younger cousins are amazed at the things that I considered normal growing up like “casette tapes” and “walkman”.

Kids, in the old days this is where you get your music from.

That walkman on the left I used up until I worked at Airphil...and why we even have a short wave radio I don't know!

I always thought it was pretty cool that we have armoury at the house...

...and deadly weapons to go with it.

These I like too...especially the monstrance.

Along with the house being repainted, it was also time to discard some of the old things we’ve accumulated through the years.  Yes, there was a mother load of crap and junk (magazines, old papers, clothes and shoes that no longer fit)…but there were also things that were either so unique or so pretty that my sis and I had to rethink about not throwing them out.  (we eventually decided not to)




creepy dolls...with no a box...definitely gone!

Sadly, tito's organ will also be given away.

These old cameras made the cut... well as these nice looking artworks.

Much as I love the look of modern houses and condos (and wouldn’t mind living in one)…Xavierville holds so many memories and treasures that makes it special to me–lunches with friends, christmas get togethers, birthdays, new year’s…I know it’s probably not the prettiest house ever but it’s my home…and there’s just no place like it.

(hmm..probably until I get married though…but part of me still wants to live there when I marry…but that’s another story haha)


note: We didn’t really throw them in the garbage.  Owa (my late grandmother) knows these nuns who run this foundation that recycles old stuff like computer monitors, paper, boxes etc. Those that didn’t make the cut will go to them.


5 Responses to “Loving the old house”

  1. lanilakwatsera Says:

    Oh, goodness!
    Had I known you were on the verge of throwing out stuff — I could have asked for the creepy dolls! I love creepy dolls! 🙂


    And oh — you have a pretty house. Your armory rocks!

  2. fizzywoohoo Says:

    Thanks lans! There’s more creepy dolls left…hahaha…I’ll let you know if we’re on the verge of throwing them out.

  3. fizzywoohoo Says:

    @lanilakwatsera: should i be tagging you like this so that you’ll know i’ve replied to you?

  4. ulacakes Says:

    fizz!!!! i like the artworks!!! sayang! did you give it away na?!

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