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Currently obsessing over… July 16, 2010

“Personal Preference!”

…the recently concluded Koreanovela of super cute actor Lee Min Ho.

Now, I’m only on episode 7 and I have 9 more episodes to go but I just can’t help gushing about how I’m absolutely loving this series!

Like most people, I first took notice of Lee Min Ho when he starred as Gu Jun Pyo in the Korean version of Hana Yori Dango/Meteor Garden entitled, “Boys Over Flowers”.  That was the first Koreanovela I ever watched, completed and fell in love with.  And despite the fact that he had the “most-annoying-fake-curly-hair-ever”, watching him made me feel like a giggling schoolgirl.

I hate this hair do...with a vengeance!

Personal Preference ran in Korean from March 31 to May 20, 2010. It’s the story of Park Gae In, the only daughter of a very well known and well respected architect who, like most Korean drama/comedy heroines, is absolutely clueless about a lot of things.  She’s not the most prettiest, the richest or the most refined girl in the story.  She’s clumsy, puts everyone else first before her and is a voracious eater. She takes in Jeon Jin Ho, the head of a small architectural firm as her new house tenant / boarder.  Before sharing a house together, several coincidental events allow their paths to cross…and these same events, unfortunately, also give Park Gae In the impression that Jeon Jin Ho is gay.  Eventually, Jin Ho finds himself renting a room at Gae In’s house, which was recently vacated by her ex-best friend who ran off with her then boyfriend.

For some reason, he keeps up the act of being gay and doesn’t really contradict her even when she has accidentally blurted it out in front of strangers…on numerous occassions.  Things get better (and funnier!) between them as the episodes progress…like the time he gave her a make-over and took her as a date to a work related party only to find out later on in the evening that she got her period.  After finding her hiding in the ladies room and discovering what happened, he rushed (angrily) to the nearest convenience store and bought her a pack of feminine pads.  Trust me, there are other elements involved in that scene which made it so funny and so far one of my favorites.

As I sit here writing this, relaxing at the spa while getting my mani-pedi on, I can’t wait to go home…post this…and continue watching this series.

And of course, it doesn’t really hurt that Lee Min Ho is pretty easy on the eyes too.

And since I’m shamelessly plugging him anyway, check out his commercial for dunkin donuts coffee…

video courtesy of youtube


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