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Stuck between a rock and a hard place June 8, 2010

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The photo above says it all.  That is how I currently feel at work.  I’m caught in the middle of bosses who dislike each other.  Lord help me…I didn’t ask for this 10 months into my new work.  It’s so hard continuing to work with my ex-boss when all he gives off is negative energy.  I swear he sucks off all the positive vibes you have…and I don’t have a lot of it to begin with!  I can’t blame him though…he’s the one being kicked to the curb so all that hate and childish behavior is quite understandable and expected.

Is this really how the corporate world works?  I mean, I know it’s always been “dog eat dog” but…what happens to the innocent bystanders like me who just want to earn an honest living?

I really can’t wait for the ex-boss to leave/transfer.  The new boss–well he’s not exactly new…he’s always been here and I’m just “newly” assigned to him—is really different from the ex.  He’s soft spoken, polite, seems like a family man (married for 27 years), neat, says he’s pretty easy lang, respectful…and good lord, he even performs minister duties for his parish and during first Friday masses here at the office.  I’m not trying to paint him as a saint because we all have flaws but…he’s the kind of boss I’m guessing anybody would kill for.  I’ve heard from 2 people here already that they wish they were answering to him & not to their current superiors.  We’re not BFFs yet…nor do I wish to be…a boss is always THE boss but I pray that we can work comfortably in the near future.

I’ve been so tensionado lately—try being summoned to the dept. head’s office to discuss your ex-boss’ attitude…see if that doesn’t scare the cr@p outta you!  But I will not be defeated by this.  I shouldn’t be right?  As an employee of the evil empire (or whatever empire you’re working for), I am to do what is asked of me.  I should think of this as a blessing actually because I’ve been asked to work for and with someone who I feel is much better.

*Ganbatte fizzywoohoo! This too shall pass.  Fighting!

*japanese for “do your best”

photo not my property


4 Responses to “Stuck between a rock and a hard place”

  1. clemsonbrad Says:

    May I use your picture for a sermon series graphic entitled “Stuck” at our church?

  2. fizzywoohoo Says:

    That’s alright. No worries. =)

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