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Macau on my mind June 2, 2010

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I’ve never been anywhere.  Promise!  Perhaps the farthest I’ve traveled by land is Baguio and the farthest by plane is Bacolod in Negros Occidental—that’s farther than Boracay & Iloilo, which I’ve both been to as well.

My Tito Dong has been bugging me to get a passport for years!  I used to work for an airline company but the only time I attempted to get a passport was when I resigned after 11 years!  He initially wanted to take me to Thailand 2 years ago but instead he took my sister.  This year is my year though.  After getting my passport last year, Tito Dong is taking me to Macau!


It's so tiny, I can't even see it

Now, I’ve recently been blessed with internet access here at work.  This morning, whilst not busy with anything (As if! My internet is always open even when I’m busy!), I decided to look up Macau.  Here’s what I found out courtesy of

  • Macau consists of the Macau Peninsula, the islands of Taipa & Coloane—and Cotai, the reclaimed land that now connects the 2 islands.
  • Official languages are Portuguese and Chinese with Cantonese being the most widely spoken.  Many people though speak English and Mandarin.
  • Population: 525,500 – Wow! How small! Manila is even larger!

I’ve also checked out some of the things I should eat, see & do…


  • Cantonese noodles

Always panalo ang noodles!

  • Portuguese egg tarts

But I've already tasted Lord Stow's at MOA!

  • Almond cookies

Looks yummy no?

  • Pork chop in a bun

What, no rice?!


  • St. Paul’s Ruins

  • Macau Tower

  • A-Ma Temple


  • Gondola Ride – A taste of Europe!  Plus, they did shoot gondola scenes in Boys Over Flowers! (Remember when Jun Pyo cruelly broke up with Jan Di? Waaah!)

Of course I had to get a photo from Boys Over Flowers!

  • Macau Tower – I can be a Skywalker! (“Luke, I am your father!”)

That'll be me soon!

  • Bungee Jump from the 61st floor of the Macau Tower – Ok, I seriously considered this one…however when I found out how much it cost…good lord!  Di pa ako tumatalon eh hihimatayin na ata ako!  Converted to pesos it’s a whopping P10, 059! I don’t think I’ll even spend that much for shopping and souvenirs!

Hay, I’m such an eager beaver!  I’ve been saving up since the start of the year but hopefully, I wouldn’t spend more than what’s necessary.  Hay, but I’m also THE. WORST. FIRST. TIME. TRAVELLER. EVER.   I bought all sorts of things for my first international trip—a passport holder from Fully Booked, a new pair of comfy shoes from SM, a new pair of jeans from M & S (on sale!), a new kikay travel kit, a new shirt…and I’ll probably buy a new toothbrush too…but do you know the one thing I should’ve bought but didn’t?! AN EFFING SUITCASE! Duh! Of all the things I didn’t buy, it’s that one! Hey, you can’t say I didn’t try though because I really did. Well, sort of.  Grabe, I didn’t know those things cost a lot!  The cheapest & prettiest (may ganun?) that I could find in SM was a purple & pink Delsey worth P6K.  No BS…it ‘s really pretty!  I’m actually partial to red but the cheapest red one I could find was a Samsonite worth P9K..and it’s not even THAT pretty…talagang kailangang pretty sha no?  I could easily swipe it…but I’m being a good girl so I’ve resisted the temptation to do so.  Perhaps I’ll save the new luggage for my next trip.  For now, I might use Tito Boy’s suitcase (he’s the traveler of the family) or Sumi’s…who has kindly offered hers.

Ok, ok.  I haven’t even left…there’s still 2 weeks to go…I still have to ask permission & file for vl and I’m already rambling.  I’m just really excited and happy.  I’m envisioning this as my first of many trips to see the world!  Of course, the goal for the future is to set foot on the motherland—Europe…particularly England!  But until then, I’ve got Macau on my mind!

Watch out world, here I come!


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  1. monica Says: about Pillars of the Earth? It’s by Ken Follett 🙂

  2. monica Says:

    oh gosh! commented on the wrong post..sorry about that..this was meant for your other post 🙂 pls delete both of my comments for this post…tnx

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