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Partying with Dead Popstars May 22, 2010


Route 196

Tonight I went to my second gig ever.  Dead Popstars played at Route 196 along Katipunan Avenue to celebrate Morrissey’s birthday.  The place was jam packed with fellow Smiths fans…there were even 3 brits at the gig…I knew they were brits because they stood in front of me & I could hear their accents! *awesome!*  I went with my super friend Ava & her sister Anna.

They started playing at around 11pm and opened with the song “Shoplifters of the world unite!”…the same words printed on the shirt of lead singer Pogz.  He looked very much like Moz, circa 1980’s that night…complete with the gel-ed  hair & nerdy glasses.

My dodgy shot of Pogz-damn it sucks to be short!

They played for a solid 1.5 hours!  No intermission whatsoever.  Everyone rocked out to songs like: There is a light that never goes out, Ask, Everyday is like sunday, The last of the famous international playboys, Still ill, This charming man, The more you ignore me the closer I get, Panic, First of the gang to die, We hate it when our friends become successful and loads more!

I had 2 beers (I know it’s not much but it’s a first for me!), stood up the whole night, screamed & sang my lungs out, danced, was all sweaty, couldn’t breathe properly & the dude next to me kept screaming “pop! dead! stars! well i wonder! new wave naman!” the entire night…but I didn’t care. It was really nice seeing other people show their love for Moz.  There was even a kid there (about 10 years old) with a Smiths shirt on who came with his mom!

I’ve never seen Morrissey live but tonight, I felt like I had the next best thing.  Dead Popstars rock and Pogz you rule! (it was cute how everyone was greeting him “happy birthday”)

Can’t wait for the next gig!


The official & obligatory concert photo.



2 Responses to “Partying with Dead Popstars”

  1. lanilakwatsera Says:

    Wow! I wish I was there.
    I’m sure it was a cool concert…
    Don’t you love it when you–sweaty, heady with beer, high with good music–sways with the communal beat with like minded souls?

    …wish I had that feeling when I watched that concert, but it just made me fell asleep.

    Hahahaha! Good start on the beer! Reserve your first Mojito for me Fizz…sagot ko na yun 🙂

    • fizzywoohoo Says:

      Oooh! The promise of alcohol excites me! Great! Hey ho, let’s go! But I’m beginning to think I might be alergic to beer? I woke up with rashes the following day! Last time it happened was during my birthday…and I had alcohol din that time! Oh no…say it ain’t so!
      And as for communing with like minded souls…aaaahhh bliss!

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