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Mom is picture perfect May 22, 2010

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It was mama’s birthday last May 17 & she would’ve been 59 this year. This is my favorite photo of her.  I discovered this just a few years ago as I was cleaning up old & dusty photo albums.  There’s not a lot of photos like this lying around the house…most of the time there are other people in the pictures with her.  But I really like this one.  I’ve since put it in a picture frame & it’s displayed at our sala with all the rest of the family pictures.

That’s it.  I just wanted to share. =)

ps: do any of you have any ideas on how i could get those black spots out? or no use ba since the picture is already old?


6 Responses to “Mom is picture perfect”

  1. ula Says:

    fizz!! you look like your mom! 🙂 Love this pic too! re the black spots, i think you can photoshop the scanned pic… but i don’t know how to do it… pang professional ata yun! hehehehe

  2. lanilakwatsera Says:

    you look like your mom, fizz 🙂

  3. gigay Says:

    Fizzy… try sending it in kodak,, they know how to work their magic in fixing old photos

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