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Meeting an old friend for the second time May 14, 2010

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I have a date tomorrow.  I’m meeting an old friend for the second time. Now some of you may argue:

1) It’s not a date if it’s with a female friend.

2) How can you be “old friends” when you’re only meeting each other for the second time?

3) Isn’t it Saturday tomorrow? Why the EFF are you scheduling a lakad at 9:30am—shouldn’t you be in bed ‘til at least 10am?!

Allow me to explain.

Tomorrow, I’ll be having coffee with Lani—kamikazee girl, Gaemaree’s ex-officemate, Japanese connoisseur,  future travel writer & mother of baby shin, fellow fan of Brandon Boyd and the person responsible for my love of Jun Matsumoto.

This is the beautiful Jun Matsumoto

I first heard about Lani from my friend, Gaemaree (note: kapatid, ever notice how I always call you by your full first name?)  way back in 2008.  Incubus was scheduled to perform in manila for the second time that year (ehem, on my birthday no less!) and Gae was already working for TNT with Lani. She found out that Lani also loved Brandon—obsessively and psychotically as I did—and knew we simply had to meet. Unfortunately, the meeting that we planned didn’t push through on the day of the show.  I finally met her later that year when I went in for an interview with TNT. If I recall correctly, she was wearing a white ribbon-ed head band and she also had Brandon as her pc wallpaper. I didn’t get to talk to her much then because of her work and I was preoccupied with my nervousness about being interviewed.

Then in 2009, when I had just started with my new job, the 3 of us were sending long email threads to one another during an obviously boring day at work.  I found out then that she was also a fan of Meteor Garden and I even asked her to give me an introductory lesson on it. Call it Meteor Garden 101 or Hana Yori Dango 101. Fast forward to last March when I had just finished Ava’s copy of the animated Hana Yori Dango series. I got so addicted to all things HYD and I was desperately looking for someone to fuel the fire.  I immediately thought of Lani.  She was to be my master…and I her padawan. Coincidentally, we’re both Star Wars fans as well!

I’ve been keeping in touch with her since then…mostly via email or ym or text. And because of her, I’ve also developed a new obsession—Jun Matsumoto. Now, let it be known that as of this writing, I am exerting all efforts to prevent myself from sounding like a crazed fan girl but may I request that you allow me to say this: MatsuJun rocks & watching him makes me smile!…Oh all right! He’s sooooo kawaii!!! (that’s japanese for cute!) Ok back to regular programming. All this joy over watching koreanovelas & jdoramas are all thanks to her. We no longer just share Brandon, but I’m thankful that she’s shared Jun-Kun with me as well.

It may be weird to some to find that special connection with someone you’ve only just met…ako pa! I’ve been accused of being anti-social more than once…hehehe…and I don’t deny it sometimes. Sometimes when you feel like your world is a little “blah”, the Universe surprises you with a nice little package…mine was all wrapped up in papel de hapon! (Sorry, it’s a corny joke but it’s still Japanese related right?) I don’t have gazillions of friends, but the ones that do come my way (both old & new) are very special indeed…and I’d rather have a handful of special ones than a bunch of others I couldn’t care less about…or who couldn’t care less about me either.

Of course if she were a gift, she’d be wrapped Japanese style!

In all the emails that we shared, an actual sit down meeting has been proposed but initially we couldn’t find a schedule which was convenient for us both.  Luckily, an opportunity arrived and we’ve decided to meet for coffee tomorrow at 930am. On one hand it feels like going on a blind date (though I’ve never actually been on one) because technically we haven’t really spent that much time face to face before this. But on the other hand it also feels like meeting up with a good friend that you haven’t seen in a long while. Yup, that sounds more like it. So to answer the opening arguments:

1)      Yes, it still is a date.

2)      You don’t have to count “times we’ve met” to consider someone your friend.

3)      Getting up at 630am on a Saturday to have coffee with a friend at 930am? Hell yeah!

ps: Much love & thanks to Jun, Brandon, Gaemaree & the Universe!


4 Responses to “Meeting an old friend for the second time”

  1. lanilakwatsera Says:

    Hey !
    Same here, I’m not really someone who easily becomes friends with people–simply because I can be too weird sometimes. But the Universe does give us blessings in more ways than we can imagine.
    Having you as a friend is one of those blessings, Fizzy.

    I really think that you are one cool girl and that you deserve all the blessings and happiness in the world.
    I am thankful that you consider me as already a friend, even if we’ve met twice pa lang. I guess, friendships cannot be measured by the number of times you see each other or by the tangible things that define who you both are.

    Friendship is when–even if you’ve met for the second time–it’s like talking to someone you know for the rest of your life 🙂

    • fizzywoohoo Says:

      Thanks again for taking the time to meet me this am. You’ve said that you weren’t a morning person but you still said yes to the coffee date!

      Awww…thanks too…for thinking that I’m a cool girl. Sometimes I don’t think I am…cross that…I really don’t think I am…well, only when I compare myself to others who I find cooler….haller?! Like you for example! It’s a life lesson I still have to learn and practice: having faith in myself. Don’t worry, I’m working on it! The Secret!

      My friends (especially Ava) can attest that I really have “shyness & meeting other people issues”. It’s a character defect I think. hehehe. It really takes a while for me to get comfortable in a large group or a new environment…I mean, like my work for example, I’ve already been there 9 months and it still feels like I’m only on my 3rd week!

      But then people like you come along and that shyness & awkwardness just flies out the window! So, thank you for your best wishes and the same to you too…you deserve all the blessings as well. And goddammit, you deserve that trip to Japan!

  2. gigay Says:

    iniwan nyo akkkooooooo!!!!! waaahhhhhh! ( = > )

  3. fizzywoohoo Says:

    kapatid!!!!! we’ll have another date i promise!!!

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