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Ehem…Ehem… May 2, 2010

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Wow! My second official post! I didn’t think I’d have enough will-power to even make it to post #2! Truth be told, I’m not really a techie and my first post + site pimping took me a couple of hours. I still can’t figure out why my gravatar isn’t showing up. Hay…

Anyway, as part of my new endeavor to engage in the world of blogging, here are some random factoids about me:

  • I’m so shy…I put “makahiya” plants to shame.
  • Contradictory to my shyness…I absolutely, absolutely love rock music.
  • My 4 favorite bands EVER are: Oasis, Incubus, The Smiths and Slipknot…though technically Slipknot’s music is heavy metal. I think very highly of Noel Gallagher, Brandon Boyd & Joey Jordison.
  • I worship at the Church of Morrissey. Bad words against him are not allowed in my presence.
  • I work for the “Evil Empire” (or so they say). The benefits are pretty good though. Prior to the Evil Empire, I worked my @ss off for 11 years for a company that was just plain EVIL.
  • I love to read…from Austen to Snickett to Harry Potter to those super kilig period romance novels! (no shame there!)
  • My new addiction: Asianovelas (mostly Korean & Japanese). Sorry, no tagalog dramas on my list.
  • The poster boys of said addiction: Lee Min Ho, Matsumoto Jun (thanks Lani!), & Ikuta Toma (you should see this guy shirtless!). Sadly, they’re all younger than I am.
  • I’m a mallrat. I can survive 7-8 hours of malling…except for that one time with Kris….suko ako! (hahaha, can you guess which lakad kris?)
  • I go into nerd & oc mode when arranging my stuff: cds & books are done alphabetically by artist/author & then chronologically; while dvds are arranged alphabetically by genre.
  • Last year I watched my first tagalog film in 12 years…an indie flick called, “Astig”…but does that count considering it’s not commercially released & I got in for free?
  • In 2008 I wore jeans again after 8 years. I survived mainly with skirts & shorts.
  • I’m terrified of public speaking.
  • It hurts my feelings when people forget about me.
  • I’d rather see Europe than the USA.
  • I don’t eat lechon!
  • I love watching wrestling on tv. I’m an on & off fan, but a fan nonetheless.
  • When push comes to shove, I can probably give up chocolates but never (regular) coke!
  • I am friends with some of the coolest people you’ll ever know. I know most people say that about their friends but MY friends are way up there!
  • The blog may be called, “Musings from the mosh pit” but I’ve never actually been in a mosh pit. Sure, I’ve been “moshed”, but inside the pit? Not yet. I’ll make an exception for Slipknot though. =)

6 Responses to “Ehem…Ehem…”

  1. Gigay Says:


    I am one proud friend!!!!! he he he… buti ka pa… you were able to launch your blog na… ako… puro susubukan but never tried it… definitely, this site will be followed by your little friend….. : )

    miss you kapatid!

    • fizzywoohoo Says:

      Kapatid! So nice of you visit my humble & still under construction na blog. Thank you. Thank you. Why not give it a try na rin? *hugs*hugs* =)

  2. lanilakwatsera Says:

    Hey…that’s 20 (????) random things I now KNOW about you…!
    Same here, I can probably give up chocolate and sweets but it takes all the balance in the force for me to give up Coke.

    Cheers to that, co-Cokehead!!! 🙂

  3. bluellite Says:

    Hmmm maybe we can consider that Incubus concert a semi mosh pit? I mean, we were getting crushed and pushed and pulled in all directions, right? :-p

    • fizzywoohoo Says:

      Yeah! I was thinking of that too…when I say that I’ve been moshed, I always have the first Incubus concert in mind! Grabe, that was both exhilarating and scary! Loved it! Brandonnnnnn!!!!!

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