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Conan O’Brien is my Savior May 2, 2010

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Who would’ve thought that I’d owe a debt of gratitude to a 6’4’, red haired, pasty white man who loves to string dance, star in his own Spanish Telenovela, impersonate leprechauns, play “old school” baseball & predict the future? I certainly didn’t expect it but it’s true…it’s true!

My love affair with Conan didn’t exactly start on a happy note though. It was on December 1997 when my mother suddenly suffered a heart attack, went into a coma & after a week, passed away. We buried her exactly a week before Christmas. At a time when people were busy celebrating the holidays, I was busy preventing myself from falling apart. It was a failed attempt of course because as my friends constantly remind me, I have this nasty habit of keeping my feelings in & shouldering the burden all by myself. I couldn’t sleep so I’d stay up channel surfing even up to the wee hours of the morning (4:30am was the latest!). A week after the funeral, on Christmas Eve, I didn’t even want to go downstairs to celebrate because really, what was the point? My aunts & uncles had to force us kids out of bed just for some sense of normalcy.

Enter my college friend Josette into the picture. She’s a long time insomniac who prefers to clean her bedroom at the ungodly hour of 2:30am. She’s quite experienced in the field of channel surfing and so she suggests I check out this new show on cable (well, cable was new to us at that time) called Late Night with Conan O’ Brien. Right then, I was on my way to salvation! Knowing Conan’s humor, he’d probably say that there must be a joke in here somewhere…that as soon as I tuned in, his brand of comedy put me to sleep just like that! *snaps fingers* Yeah, that would sound just like him…why else would he do skits on singing babies to sleep while showing clips of all things evil? Hehehe…

Simply put: The Cone Bone made me smile…and laugh…and cry tears of joy! Watching him every night from Tuesday-Saturday at 12mn was my source of happiness. Would you believe me if I said that watching him felt like having a friend around? It didn’t change the fact that I still lost my mother but rather the message that I was getting was, “It’s ok. Laugh & be happy.”

Late Night was like watching a fun parade consisting of Abe Vigota, that NAUGHTY bear, a robot pimp, a cigar smoking dog, a fedex pope, a guy with bullet proof legs, a coked up werewolf, Mr. T, an evil puppy, a naked drummer, a trusty sidekick, the world’s fastest menorah, John Tesh, William Shatner, a gorilla nurse using an old fashioned abdominal exerciser while listening to Juice Newton’s Angel of the Morning, a horny manatee, a gun toting-nascar-riding jesus, Frankenstein (who wastes a minute of your time), Pierre Bernard’s recliner of rage, the sears tower wearing sears clothing, a brooding vampire assitant (I’m gonna love you forever!), a racist crooner, the interrupter, a screeching raccoon with a jet pack, 3 guys slipping on nuts & a whole lot more.

Don’t even get me started on his musical guests! They are the coolest!

So thank you, Conando for helping me get through those sleepless nights & for letting me be a part of your motley crew! I know you’re currently on tour so I guess I’ll see you in the future…all the way to the year 3000!

Isn’t that right, cactus in a chef’s hat playing “We Didn’t Start the Fire ” on a flute?


3 Responses to “Conan O’Brien is my Savior”

  1. ula Says:

    never knew where your fixation on conan came from till a few months ago… good to see it in full writing as well 🙂

    • fizzywoohoo Says:

      Was it only a few months ago? =)
      But thanks ula for reading. Kaya nga super, super love ko yan si Conan. It’s good to finally put it in writing as well. =)

  2. Josette Says:

    I remember those days like it was yesterday:) Miss you my friend, hope to come home and see you again. Keep on writing! I love your work:D Conan’s going to be back on TBS this September I believe– keep me posted. Gone are the days of my incessant channel surfing:(

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